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HZ: Netanyahu: Israel cannot prevent UN recognition of Palestinian state


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So the UN General Assembly is going to have a resolution recognizing Palistine within the boarders of the 1948-pre 1967 boarders. This is expected to pass with a significant majority and be embarressing to Israel. It will not pass the Security Council where the United States is expected to veto. Nor will the Palistinians likely be given membership in the United Nations, as that would also take a security council resolution. The gesture will act to isolate be the groundwork for future action as the troubles move forward.

It's gong to embaressing for the United States too. It's hard to really pretend we are a fair broker when we are forced to stand against the world in defending Israel.


Netanyahu: Israel cannot prevent UN recognition of Palestinian state

PM says it's impossible to recognize a Palestinian state without passing through the UN Security Council but assures such a move is bound to fail

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that no one can prevent the recognition of a Palestinian state in the United Nations in September.

"No one has the power to stop the decision to recognize a Palestinian state in the UN General Assembly in September," Netanyahu said. "It can also be possible to make the decision there that the world is flat."

Netanyahu said Israel can't prevent UN recognition of a Palestinian state, and added that Israel expects to receive support only from a handful of countries.

"We have no way to obstruct the UN decision," Netanyahu said, but warned that that the Palestinians will not succeed in their efforts in the UN Security Council.

"It is impossible to recognize a Palestinian state without passing through the Security Council and such a move is bound to fail."

On Friday, the president of the United Nations General Assembly said there was no way that a Palestinian state could become a member of the United Nations without a recommendation from the Security Council.

Joseph Deiss said that if the United States or any other permanent council member used its veto, the General Assembly would not be able to vote on membership for Palestine.

U.S. President Barack Obama said last weekend that no vote at the United Nations would ever create a Palestinian state, a strong indication that the U.S. would veto a resolution recommending Palestinian membership in the 192-nation world body.

Earlier this month, Netanyahu said Israel could support a Palestinian state before September under the right conditions, but warned against a Palestinian state which includes Hamas that would try to perpetuate conflict with Israel.

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Palestine is openly working hard for recognition. Israel is openly working hard to prevent it. US is openly working hard to push the decision to the times of our great grandchildren (or beyond, if possible).

I think the Palistinians are going to attempt to use the tools of diplomacy to isolate Israel and force them to the negotiation table and hard concessions. Since nobody has ever has much sucess in trying to "force" Israel to do anyting it did not want to do. The end game here is to make Israel's actions untenable though international pressure, much as aparthied became untenable for South Africa due to international pressure. The strategy begins by getting wide spread general assembly recognition for Palistine on the only boarders the international community has ever recognized.. the 48-67 boarders. The strategy can't suceed ultimately without Western Europe and the United States inclusion. So ultimately we will be the audience for the coming political mechanations as the supporters of Palistine move to illistrate US actions on Israel's behalf.

The danger here is the strategy backfires. A majority of Israeli's as well as a majority of Palistinians already agree on the formula for peace. Land for peace. The problem has been the governments and negotiation teams which are having a hard time in reaching concesus on the details... ( and have for decades now). So the danger is the Israeli public reacts to this provocation/strategum by turning harder away from peace.

Anyway I think any tactic to resolve their differences which doesn't involve killing each other is an improvement.

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