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Folks, it's time to debunk the ridiculous myth about Wal-mart shoppers


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I mean, you have to know how this looks to us. I imagine a guy in Wal Mart, trying to act incognito as he's snapping pictures of random girls with his cell phone. That much alone is just weird. Were you with anyone when you did this, or all by yourself? Were you wearing a trench coat and a fake beard? Aviator sun glasses?

It's whats on (or not on, really) under the trench coat that matters.

And the white van.

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I can close it Mick if that's what you wish.

Yes please, and I apologize to the ladies on ES who may have been offended or disrespected by my actions and comments here.

FWIW, the comments about the ladies I made in my OP, which I have deleted, were meant as a sarcastic joke, and not meant to be critical of the females.

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As you wish Mick.

Sorry folks. But as you know we do have a long standing tradition of closing threads at the the thread starters request. We also have just such a tradition with Mercy Closures. This would be both.

(Dear Lord in Heaven now I have seen it all).

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