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man finds at auction what may be the oldest baseball ticket stubs in existence


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PITTSFIELD — At a local auction, Colin Twing bid $60 on what he thought were two 19th-century railroad tickets, figuring each might be worth that much apiece.

As it turns out, the Pittsfield man acquired a pair of baseball tickets that two researchers are calling rare finds for the national pastime.

Twing, who has been shopping at auctions for 10 years, is now the owner of what looks like a season ticket from the late 1860s or ’70s to the Athletic Club Base Ball Club of Philadelphia and a ticket to the 11th annual National Association of Base-Ball Players convention that took place in Philadelphia on Dec. 11, 1867. The ball club and the association were precursors to the modern organizations

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this was in my local paper and this was the best link i could find

Man why cant this stuff happen to me.

I wonder how much he will get for them.

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