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cnn.com:Missouri tornado deadliest in decades (merged)

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While rescuers scramble to dig out any remaining survivors from a weekend tornado that killed 116, residents in Joplin, Missouri, are bracing for the possibility of more tornadoes on Tuesday.

"There's no way to figure out how to pick up the pieces as is," Sarah Hale, a lifelong Joplin resident, said Tuesday. "We have to have faith the weather will change."

The National Weather Service warned there was a 45% chance of another tornado outbreak -- with the peak time between 4 p.m. and midnight Tuesday -- over a wide swath including parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Missouri.

Joplin is also in the area.

But if Monday's rescue efforts are any indication, even severe weather might not hamper the search for survivors.

"We are going to do absolutely everything we can to make sure they recover," said President Barack Obama, who announced on Tuesday that he plans to visit the region this Sunday.

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This is worse than the Tuscaloosa tornado in April.

117 killed which is the record if you don't count the 1925 Tri-State Tornado which killed 695 (could've been more than one tornado). Just terrible.

Just look how fast thing thing goes from nothing to monster...massive wedge tornado

Mother Nature is scary sometimes...

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I live an 1 hr away from Joplin and have family there(There fine) but the city is devistated. Around 40% is severly damaged. A friend of mine has said his ex girlfriend is among the missing(their still friends) Keep your prayer for the families there, it truly is unbelievable the amount of destruction.

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