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What is your preference in music?


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And "anything and everything" won't cut it....

For me, I love songs with meaningful straightforward lyrics, upbeat tempo yet dark lyrics... Songs that I can listen to a couple of times and know what they're talking about...

A couple of examples of bands which exhibit this the way I like:

Blue October

Eve 6

Stroke 9




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I like music that has been carefully constructed. That's probably why my favorite band is the Beatles. If you listen carefully to their songs, you can hear just how much work went into every little detail.

Some songs just sound like they were made in a couple of days. I'll listen to it, but I don't prefer it.

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I generally like up-tempo music. I need it to be layered, too. Some music I'll hear and it just sounds hollow. I need good, clean vocals (with few exceptions). I cannot listen to cookie monster sing, I'd rather go without a singer. Harmonized backing vocals are a plus. I like an upbeat overall feel usually, with some minor keys thrown in here and there. I like classical music and I like seeing it fused in to modern music (neoclassical).

some examples:

Franz Liszt (My favorite composer)

Yngwie Malmsteen

At Vance

Rhapsody of Fire



Dark Moor


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1.) I love orchestral music. Whether it's from the Renaissance or written last year, I love music that uses orchestral instruments or full/partial orchestras.

2.) I love rhythmic music. Funk, jazz, fusion rock. Anything with a good base line and a solid back beat

3.) Most anything made my Stephen Sondheim is brilliant, so you can include that

4.) I love choral music. Mostly, though, because it brings back fond memories of my childhood (my sister was in her high school's choir and I would attend a lot of their concerts)

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1.) I love orchestral music. Whether it's from the Renaissance or written last year, I love music that uses orchestral instruments or full/partial orchestras.

I love when orchestras are used in modern music (as well as enjoying classical music). You ever hear the version of Rock You Like A Hurricane accompanied by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra?

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Lyrically: I want meaningfulness. It doesn't have to be extremely profound. I just have to feel like the songwriter actually put thought into what he/she was writing.

Musically: I like rock mostly from the 60's, 70's and 00's. I don't like a lot of 80's or 90's rock at all. Favorite rock bands are the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys,

I like folk- anywhere from southern folk to hippie folk. I like nearly anything considered folk Old Crow Medicine Show, Simon & Garfunkel, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, Nick Drake.

I like jazz, particularly cool jazz and soft jazz. Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck.

I like some hip-hop. The kind with jazz elements, mostly. Love the Roots, ATCQ and Common.

I like a lot of orchestral music, especially from the 1800s forward. I love a good film score, like John Williams, Michael Giacchino, and Joe Hisaishi.

I hate nearly all popular (that is, radio) music, unfortunately. It's so repetitive and unoriginal, with very few exceptions.

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It's hard to say, my taste ranges.

I like guitars, so I like guitar driven music.

I spam the board once a week with my radio show in which I try to play my tastes...

The show can range from punk to reggae, from blues to psychedelia, surf and rockabilly.. oldies,, i hate that term, but folks tend to know what it means.

Mostly what I like is something I haven't heard before. I am like a man surrounded by bread, yet starving. I have so much music, and nothing to listen to. I've heard it. Need something new.

I try to keep an open mind, but some genres are not my cup of tea,, even if I do like some music or artists in that particular genre.

I don't care for what passes for soul music these days, but I really like Usher. I can't stand formulaic country music, but I like Travis Tritt. (Some guys are better than the pop-driven genre they're hemmed in.)

Anyway, if you'd like to hear something new, I bet I can play it on Wednesday's at 7 on www.baynetradio.com

(and soon to be either Friday or Saturday nights.)

If there's anything I can compare to what i strive to make, if anyone remembers the heyday of WHFS,, when they were on 102.3 and just after they moved to 99.1.. no playlists.. pushing the boundaries searching for new music that is not floating around the mainstream toilet.

It's not all new, I play plenty from all eras of modern music.. going back to the late 40s.


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- Funk and Funk-rock first and foremost...Parliament/Funkadelic epitomizes the former, Prince and Sly Stone the latter. :yes:...

- Old school R&B...think Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Staple Singers, etc...

- Anything with a driving beat and catchy melody...doesn't matter what era, genre or artist. Anything from "Hitchin' A Ride" by Vanity Fair in the 70s to "**** The Pain Away" by Peaches in the 2000s lol...

- Classic Rock, preferably from the 70s (Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Elton John, a whole mess of individual songs from that era)...

- Slower, more melancholy songs with incredible melodies (Morrissey falls into this category, as does the jazz pianist Joe Sample)

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Dark, atmospheric, beautiful, smart.

Bands that exemplify this across all genres:

- Alt/prog in the vein of
(who I also love)

- Post-rock Instrumental

-- Post metal instrumental

Hurt - Impossible to categorize. Sometimes alt rock, sometimes acoustic rock infused with bluegrass.

-- beautiful, dark, bluegrass-infused sound

Other bands I love:

, Dead Letter Circus, The Butterfly Effect, Chevelle, Earshot, Sevendust, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Periphery, Meshuggah, 30 Seconds to Mars, In Flames, Living Sacrifice, Soilwork, ... This is impossible..lol. Hope someone listens and likes to those I linked before I got lazy.
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Whenever someone asks what type of music I like, I always end up replying with "all types, except country and rap", which really isn't much of an answer but I really do own a little of everything outside of those two genres.

I'd say that metal is probably the most dominant genre that I listen to though. I'm almost hesitant to say metal when people ask now though because they may have an impression of metal like the nu-metal/mallcore type of music, which I have no interest in.

A few examples of what I listen to:






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Characteristics I Prefer:

Baroque / Non-Traditional Rock Instrumentation - The use of classical instruments in Rock has always been a joy to me. Hearing a cello or violin alongside of an electric guitar is simply amazing to my ears. I prefer when there are more than 4 members in this type of music, to the point that they're a mini orchestra.

Best Examples: Arcade Fire, The Beach Boys, The Kinks, The Beatles, ELO, Chicago, of Montreal, Airborne Toxic Event, Fanfarlo, The Decemberists, Belle and Sebastian, Fleet Foxes, Neutral Milk Hotel, and fun.

Vocal Harmony (Lots of it) - From doo-wop to surf rock, it's hard not to love a band in which every member harmonizes. It's probably needless to say, but I like about 25% of all 50's music because of the vast amount of music that used this aspect.

Best Examples: The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, The Explorers Club, Fanfarlo, of Montreal

Advanced and Personal Songwriting - Emotion in songs is pretty damn important to me, and I'm not talking about fake emotion like the ironically named emo genre. The song can be straight-forward or weaved in metaphor, but the songs MUST be written by the singer. It's easy to tell if somebody actually cares about what they are singing. Due to this aspect, I prefer a lot of modern folk music.

Best Examples: Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes, Weezer (Pinkerton), Neutral Milk Hotel, Arcade Fire, Benji Hughes, Jonathan Richman, Grandaddy, Josh Ritter, M.Ward, Iron & Wine, The Killers, Melpo Mene, Monsters of Folk, Ozma, Mason Jennings, Arcade Fire, Ryan Adams, Built To Spill

Other Things

-Clean, easy to understand vocals using a fairly natural voice. Tom Waits sucks.

-I tend to prefer slower bpm songs, with most of my songs being in the range of 60 and 110bpm and 85-95bpm being the sweet spot. It's rare for me to listen to anything over 130bmp.

-I don't like songs/albums that sound "too produced". I often prefer demos to the official releases.

-Favorite genres are: Folk, Baroque Pop, Power-Pop/Alternative Rock

-Least favorite genre: Hip-hop/Rap. 2Pac is the only artist from this genre I'd say I really like.

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