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Xbox 360 Chameleon Full Case Mod


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I bought a modded case from consolesource.com, it is the Chameleon 'X' Full Case for an HDMI Xbox 360 and has multiple LED lights for it as well, along with an LED light system that can rotate light colors, stay on one color, or not show any lights at all. I didn't realize that it was an HDMI case as this was not specified and my Xbox 360 is a non-HDMI one. Bought it for about $70 + shipping, but willing to accept best offer.

It was opened....then I found out about the HDMI port in the back, lol, so it's never even been put together. Brand new, just sitting in by my computer. The link below is directly to their site:


Also, have the picture from the site again since I never put it together.


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