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One week bucket list


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Not sure how all that May 21st stuff started, nor do I care.

Nevertheless, it's less than a week away, and I was wondering what I would do if I had just one week left on earth.

Traveling around world (and actually seeing stuff) is unfortunately not possible in a week....but I would definitely go some place exotic for the last day, surrounded by friends and family. Somewhere in the South Pacific or the Maldives.

Thought about going to Yellowstone and throwing rocks or grenades into the geysers trying to aggravate the super volcano but...nah :)

I would definitely try this:


I want to chase a tornado...a real one, but that may take up too much time.

I would also try to sneak into Area 51 or where ever the new place is now, just to see. Hopefully there would be chaos and no one would care

What is your one week to live bucket list?

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