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which nba big duo would you rather have lakers or grizz

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i was having a discussion with some nba fans and decided i ask you guys what you think

honestly i think that pau and bynum get overrated because of the championships that kobe carried them to. not saying they arent great players but some people say pau gasol is the best pf in the league, and that bynum is the second best center behind dwight. i disagree on both counts is it my pure laker hatrid or do other people think that zbo and marc gasol have outplayed the laker bigs this postseason.?

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No Kobe?

Poll doesn't matter.

Kobe is the greatest thing since Michael Jordan.

err not really sure how Kobe factors into this debate. It's about two dominating front courts. Kobe is a guard.

As far as the OP's question, if this is purely based on this year, the answer has to be Z-Bo and Marc Gasol. I really like Andrew Bynum but the injury history is troubling. A motivated Zach Randolph is also the best player out of this bunch and so far, he's shown no signs of becoming the New York Z-Bo. His dominance of Tim Duncan is too hard to overlook.

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Well considering Pau played like a complete ***** and Z Bo has arguably been the best player in the playoffs, you have to go with Memphis...based on now. I want to see what Randolph looks like next year. After he's been paid. Dude doesn't have the best of histories.

It's all gonna be moot after Marc Gasol signs with the Wizards in a couple of months

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