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The Official Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Thread


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The Rutgers athletics department should contact the local DC metro authorites immediately.

Because the Hoyas and the officials absolutely stole one today. Georgetown had no business winning that game, period.

If I were a Rutgers fan, this is the kind of game that totally pisses me off, because the refs gave the game to the Hoyas, plain and simple.

Thats a shame.....:pfft:

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And we're going into OT.

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Offensive foul?! Damn it!

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I swear, Georgetown never wins when I'm watching.

And to Syracuse when they had the lead late in the game. Damn it.

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Only in NHL and NCAA bball there are "good" losses and "bad" losses. I thought last night the Hoyas played tough. No shame in losing to the that team in that building in OT by 3 pts. Honestly I didnt mind the officiating that much, i thought giving KJ wide open looks was just absurd. He was their only shooter and he killed us down the stretch. U live and u learn i guess but they were essentially one possesion from winning a game nobody gave them a shot. What bugs me the most is that last possesion in regulation where they dumped it in down low and i think the ball was knocked out of bounds or the shot was blocked. Gtowns big men are so unpolished, u dont dump it in in a HUGE moment in a HUGE game like that. I'd rather Hollis or Clark take a shot where they have come up clutch all season. That last possesion bothers me bigtime, they have to learn from that and get better. All in all, they showed they can play with one of the 2 best teams in the country on the road and i think come tourney selection time it will be noticed.

If we get lucky and land Noel then we will have our own Fab Melo for atleast one year which would really make this team interesting in 2012-13!!

Lets GO HOYAS!!!

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Henry Sims and Mikael Hopkins had real trouble finishing under the rim last night, Sims in particular.

Sims has had a nice senior season and has shown improvement over his time a Gtown. But last night will be a night he will want to forget.

I was fine with the officiating until overtime. The Cuse has gotten some serious help late in games at the dome this year, but that isn't anything too shocking to begin with.

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The Hoyas just got finished with maybe their best performance of the season and just kicked the **** out of Notre Dame. Considering ND had the Hoyas number in recent years, this was a pleasant outcome.

Greg Whittington had a marvelous game. He is a total monster on the defensive end and now his offense is coming around. Hope this continues.

Nice close out games for seniors Sims and Clark, both played well.

Really hope this teams shows in March, they look scary at times.

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Sloppy effort to close out the year in Milwaukee. Didn't like some of the weak calls today, but the missed free throws and sloppy play hurt the Hoyas more.

No double bye now. Hoyas will get a very tough draw for them in the Big East tournament. The way the other games in the conference played out this week really hurt the Hoyas.

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The last possession was pretty bad. Clark just chilling and walking frontcourt instead of showing hustle. Plus, Georgetown was up double digits. That game was over. They let Cincy back in it, got some heroics from Sims, but in the end didn't have enough.

Gtown is capable when they play well of being dangerous, but they also have the baffling losses to teams like Seton Hall

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Hoyas lack the killer instinct. This has been their problem the last few years. Regular season is irrelevant unless you can do some damage in the conference tourney or NCAA. JTIII better get them motivated for the NCAA tourney. Or else it is going to be a first/second round exit. An elite 8 run will be the only way to validate themselves.

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