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The Official Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Thread

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Whelp looks like Ewing will be the coach. As I said earlier I'm not sold on him at all, hope I'm wrong. I'm not even sure he'll be able to recruit because kids who are in HS now didn't even watch Ewing play in the NBA let alone have any idea what he did as a college player.

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Ewing dutifully studied the vastly different job requirements of running a college program, talking with, among others, college coaches who made the jump from professional basketball backgrounds, sources told The Vertical. He gathered information on potential assistant coaches, working to find a staff that’ll balance his inexperience in recruiting. Those who have talked with Ewing in the past week believe he’s fully understanding of the consuming nature of big-time college recruiting and is prepared to immerse himself in it.

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Ewing hire is meh. Georgetown needs someone outside the Georgetown family. 

Ewing is a link to Thompson. Georgetown needed someone with no previous ties. Relying on history and ancient legacy is not a recipe for success. That's what Georgetown tried to do with JT3 to no avail. 

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I feel a bit for Ewing.  The alumni were hoping to rid the program of the heavy hand of JTJ.  This pick, justified or not, was a direct f'u to them.  Ewing must succeed immediately and he really doesn't have the horses to do so.  G'Town basketball is becoming a soap opera of Redskin proportions.

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