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Please rate this thread and be sure and let me know how YOU like it! I worked very hard to bring you a thread, which I feel, sets a new standard in the Tailgate. I would like and appreciate your input. If you find anything that you did not like or agree with, please feel free to "post" your remarks below. Just make sure you are logged in or you can't leave comments.Also, please do NOT drail this thread with off-topic, derogatory or personal attacks!


This thread uses Zombo for its fact-checking and research. Use Zombo for all your needs....anything is possible!


Also you can can use this link to surf back in time! It's freakin cool!


Well, have fun and most importantly vote in the poll!!!!



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Slacky, don't start that **** again man, I'm begging you.

It's OK....I made the WORST thread of all time....

But not worse than some of my other ones! Sinister....you rock!

---------- Post added May-8th-2011 at 07:31 PM ----------

Wog, I love ya man, but put me down with the WTFs.

That's one "WTF."


HH! This is going to be fun! Keep giving me grief!!!

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not keeping it real I see...well, good thing I didn't make that cuban flag sig for you like TBLTO proposed I do.

That's okay, 1.) because I'm not Cuban, and 2.) because I don't need a sig to let everyone know what the deal is. Everyone knows I keeps it real :cool:

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