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Afghans Rally Against Compromising With Taliban - NPR news

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The policy of both the Obama administration and Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been to encourage peace talks with any Afghan insurgent who denounces al-Qaida, puts down weapons and accepts the Afghan constitution. The death of bin Laden this week may take al-Qaida out of the equation, and some voices are suggesting it makes a peace deal — and an American drawdown — more imminent.

That doesn't go down well with the group of about 2,000 people who gathered Thursday near the Uroonus hotel in North Kabul.

"We are here to show our protest against the negotiation with Taliban. We want peace, but it's very clear, we want peace with dignity," said Mateen Beg, a Kabul resident. He says he came out to protest Karzai's frequent peace overtures to the Taliban and to Pakistan, which he says was complicit with bin Laden.

"We have gathered together to let the world to know that we're glad that Osama bin Laden is dead. We have been a victim of what he has done, and he has misused Islam," Beg said. "We're glad and the world should know that."

"The government wants to capitulate, but we won't let that happen," he told the crowd. He went on to criticize the way Karzai often refers to the Taliban as "brothers."

"If you're negotiating with your enemy, that's fine," Saleh said, "but don't pretend they're your brothers."

One more reminder that the Afghanistan is not the homeland of the Taliban. The Taliban are invaders from Pakistan.

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