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Here is a nice article I found on 7th round pick Brandyn Thompson.


AUTHOR: Jesse Bartolis

It didn’t take long in my conversation with former Boise State cornerback Brandyn Thompson to realize that he is a unique young man, but maybe his mother new he was different when he was born, which is why she wouldn’t settle for the traditional spelling of Brandon: "my mom just wanted me to be a little different I Guess, she put a Y in my name and I kind of like it personally. A lot of people named Brandon but not too many people named Brandon with a Y."

He was born being different which probably led him to choose his favorite childhood team. "My whole family was pretty much Raiders fans growing You know when I was a young kid I kind of wanted to be a little different, I guess. back then the Chargers were all right when I was really young so I was a Chargers fan growing up."

Even though Thompson wouldn’t swing at the softball I laid out for him on a tee: That’s a good team if you wind up going there. In beat he replied , "Oh yeah. Any team (laughs). I’m not too picky or anything like that. I’ve always joked that I have to retire as a fan now. So now I’m no longer a fan."

Not too many young twenty year old men are like Brandyn, let alone people who are about to become hundred thousand ares at the least, multi-millionaires for many. While many of his contemporaries over the past few years have spent too much time in the news involved with illegal activities or telling the world how great they are, Thompson is humble and has a self-depreciating humor that is refreshing in today’s society.

"People joke with me and call me grandpa. My friends call me grandpa because I don’ t too much. When I’m not playing football I just sleep and play video games a lot and try to relax."

And boy does he need to relax after his workouts: "I pull rope with my teeth and a mac truck behind it." Well, not really. But that is the answer to the question that I asked Brandyn Thompson about what is the craziest question he’s heard in the pre-draft process.

"Craziest Question? Probably what crazy thing I’m doing while I”m working out. Somebody asked me if I Pull a rope with my teeth and a mac truck behind it (laughs). And just crazy workout questions like that."

Brandyn gave me his breakdown of the scouting report of himself (at my request). "I guess…I’m a smaller corner, smaller quicker corner that made a lot of plays in college. And hopefully can continue to play any scheme at the next level. Other than that I just want to go out there and play some football."

Make a lot of plays like his two interceptions, one of which was a 51 yard pick six in the Fiesta Bowl vs Boise State in 2009. Or his three interception game vs Hawaii in 2008. Thompson has always found himself around the football in college and out playing his stature.

Even though Brandyn is willing to joke about his life, the one thing he absolutely loves football, which became clear to me when I asked him what was his most memorable game in his life. "One thing that always sticks out to me is I lost my pop-warner championship when I was 9 and 10. Whenever I hear what are my most memorable games those are the two games that I always think of."

If not being able to get over a pop-warner devastating game that happened in front of few people, but family and friends doesn’t say that football and family mean everything to Brandyn Thompson, I don’t know what will. Which is why I was not surprised with how Brandyn answered when I asked him to pretend he was talking to a big time high school athlete and make the pitch for him to come to Boise State.

"A big reason I went there is when I came actually to Boise I met all the coaches. They showed me everything I met peole around the town. I really felt like it was a good fit. There’s a lot of good people there. A big thing for me is to surround myself with good people. I feel that good people rub off on you the place is just really special There’s a big family environment out here. I know every program talks about that, about being a family and having a family environment, but I really feel like our family out here is a little different. It’s special."

Brandyn was nice enough to interview with us, but a little bit too nice, unwilling to even throw the god awful BCS under the bus when I asked him what the Boise State players really feel about the system now that he’s no longer apart of it: " (laughs). I guess we really feel that we don’t have too much control over it. So we try not to worry about it because in end there’s not too much we can do but go out there and try to win every play, win every game. That was always our biggest goal: to win every game we play and then you’re ultimately in control of your own destiny."

Oh come on, Brandyn! I’ll say it for you. The B.C.S. and NCAA in general is ridiculous and a hypocrisy. Had to get that out of my system.

The last thing I had to bother Brandyn with was the possibility that he would not be able to play football now, or ever.

"If I could not play football…For me, I think I would have to be involved in sports one way or another. Whether that be coaching or scouting or something like that. I’m not really sure what avenue I would take I just know that I would have to be involved working with sports somewhere."

Brandyn Thompson is 5-9 and 189 pounds, runs a 4.5 40 yard dash, puts up 225 pounds 13 times. He is not the greatest athlete in the history of the sport. He is not an elite N.F.L. physical specimen, but he has what it takes to make it in the N.F.L. he’s instinctual, he’s competitive, he’s a football player through and through. He is a player that is willing to do the dirty work on special teams and as a sub package player until he earns his right as a starter, all the while staying out of trouble. A grandpa in a sea of talented, but often immature players, but just the kind of player my grandpa tells me made football special (even if they had to walk uphill to the game both ways). I have no doubt in my mind after speaking with Brandyn for just a short time that there was some team walked out of the interview and pushed Thompson up the board. Intangibles are thrown around a ton, and they don’t mean everything, but they are not irrelevant and he will make some team happy they chose him in the draft when the season rolls around.

The best of luck to Brandyn and a sincerest appreciation for the interview.



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Good read on the kid. I see him as a developmental kind of prospect. Of all the draft picks I only see Kerrigan, Jenkins, Hankerson, Helu, Paul and Neild making the roster.

If 6 of the 12 make the 53, that's a pretty darn successful draft and a major step in the right direction.


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Nice article. Thanks for posting it.

There's a good possibility that we don't resign Buchanon. In that case, Thompson has a shot at the final DB slot, which he may be dueling over with the other DB we drafted, DeJon Gomes. I'm also guessing that either Paul or Robinson make the 53 man roster, as I don't see Kelly being kept, leaving us with Moss,Armstrong, Hankerson, Banks, and one of the following three: Austen, Paul, or Robinson. My money is on Paul because he is the only one of size. If we don't resign Moss, then I'm guessing Robinson becomes our slot receiver. I also see Hankerson, Jenkins, Helu, Royster, Neild and Kerrigan on the 53 man roster. I'm hoping that Maurice Hurt is the big surprise of training camp, and that he takes over for Montgomery, who takes over for Rabach at center. Stranger things have happened. Heck, we could have Beck as our QB.

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