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WP: Redskins draft pick calls Cowboys ‘losers’


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Redskins draft pick calls Cowboys ‘losers’

By Dan Steinberg

Of all the Redskins audio that was generated by drafting 317 players over the weekend, this was probably my favorite. It comes from ESPN 980, and it stars defensive back DeJon Gomes.

Doc Walker: “All right, let me do word association. I’m gonna give you an IQ test. I’ll say a word, you tell me what the first reaction to it is. Dallas Cowboys.”

Gomes: “Losers.”

Doc Walker: “Losers. My man. See, I already like him....You already passed the test. You nailed it, my friend.”

And thus ended Doc Walker’s word association test, depriving us the chance to know how Gomes would have responded to “Eagles fans.” Or “neanderthal.”

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-5 points for posting in the wrong forum. :pfft:

Seriously, though, glad that our draft picks seem to be getting to know the franchise very quickly. Ryan Kerrigan obviously did his homework before making the radio rounds the day after he was drafted. He was dropping nuggets about Gibbs and the Hogs, then when asked what the two most important games are on the schedule, responded, "The Cowboys game and the Cowboys game."

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The late round RB we drafted, forgot his name, but not Helu, was tweeting during the Caps game.

Royster, and what was he saying? I'm curious, since he's from this area, he hopefully hates Dallas too, unlike that punk Ryan Williams.

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