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Given our draft what do you think we will do in free agency?


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This draft was pretty interesting in that we went for a couple starts and then a mass approach to the WR/RB/DB which leaves question marks about what we are going to do with our free agents at those positions, and the needs that we did not address such as OL/QB/ILB.

Do you think will be be bringing back UFAs like Santana Moss, Carlos Rogers, Jamaal Brown, Rocky McIntosh, etc?

Do you think we will be going after OL? If so, who/how many?

Given our lack of regard for OL it seems like we will probably target at least 1 if not 2 linemen in free agency. I would say we are probably going to bring Brown back as RT given he improved a bunch much later in the year. I would love if we could get someone to replace Rabach or any of the other interior linemen we currently have.

Maybe a QB... but it seems like the rumors are that it will be likely Beck + Grossman possibly battling it out for #1.

What do you guys think?

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Like many on this board, I hope/expect the Redskins to target guard Davin Joseph and right tackle Ryan Harris, with re-signing Jamaal Brown being the backup option

I expect us to bring in at least one veteran cornerback, perhaps two for competition purposes.

I expect that Santana Moss will be re-signed, as will Rex Grossman, but not Carlos Rogers (who hasn't shown a great enough commitment and will want too much money) or Rocky McIntosh (who is distinctly average, and who's performance will not justify such a drastic pay difference over Riley/Henson).

Have to imagine we'll bring in a third QB, for the very least, a camp arm.

And I also imagine that we'll be targeting 3-4 defensive linemen that provide good value, a defensive end and nose tackle.

Another inside linebacker to compete for a roster spot, to fill out a Fletcher-Riley-Henson-X group

And as far as backups, for depth, a wide receiver and another offensive tackle to compete for a roster spot.

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I can see a lot of money headed to the O-Line. Harris and/or Joseph, maybe Kalil but I don't see how Carolina let's him go. Hopefully Cook has come along and can play that C spot. I could see a stop-gap veteran QB coming in, but not 100% sure about that given the latest rumors about Beck. I also wouldnt be surprised to see more d-line help. I still feel uneasy about what we're gonna be doing there after this draft.

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I imagine we will be in the market for a starting cornerback and a starting tackle with Brown apparently wanting to play left tackle somewhere else. I wish we could have drafted a replacement for Casey Rabach but somehow he still holds on to his spot.

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We know right now much of what will happen:

100% lock - bet the rent we will sign a QB - even if it is Rex.

100% lock - bet the rent we will need to sign a RT if it is Brown or not.

100% lock - bet the rent we will sign a CB whether or not it is Carlos.

That we do know, the players starting vs. the Giants at QB, RT and one CB are probably not signed or drafted tonight. Where is starts getting fuzzy:

I would have said the same on a WR but have my doubts now. Like many of you I kind of think the OL, is where we will try to make upgrades in FA

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i think all the praise for beck is just shanny's way of sparing himself endless amounts of criticism between now and the start of free agency. Consider the alternative statements he could have made:

our QBs suck and i want a new one

i want this particular QB in free agency

He cant say either of those things for obvious reasons. His only viable statement at this point is to praise our current QB situation, and at least praising a young guy who has never started a game leaves open the possibility that he is not TOTALLY bull****ing us.

Does anyone know of a list of all UFAs this offseason? I have not found one anywhere.

Nnamdi would be a mistake imo. Too pricey. Atogwe was a good move because he is relatively inexpensive and he is good enough to be a starter and has upside. But now is not the time to be bidding on star players. When we have a franchise QB and a proper 3-4 defense and o-line, then Snyder can open up his famous checkbook again (wisely).

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Rogers - highly unlikely to return

Moss - love him, but I'd like to see him go to a competitive team and the young guys get playing time so they can develop

McIntosh - we'll let him walk

Grossman - almost definitely coming back as i don't think he's really getting a shot anywhere else

Brown - have a feeling he won't be back


Nnamdi - I doubt it, ties up too much money in the secondary

Davin Joseph - best lineman on an up and coming team, Tampa pays him and he stays

Jonathan Josepth - I think he makes the most sense to replace Rogers, but still may be costly

Ryan Harris - probably the surest thing as he was cut by the Broncos and was a Shanny draft pick in 07

Mike Sims-Walker - has what it takes to be a #1 WR altho his rep isn't that great and we drafted receivers the past 2 yrs

Samson Satele - shouldn't be too expensive, possible Rabach replacement and we got O-line coach from Raiders

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Sleeper: Secenca Wallace.

Don't freak out, I'm talking about a backup here, and you Rex haters would probably want him to start anyway;). He's mobile, throw on the run style (Shanny style?) and is actually a pretty disciplined, game managing type of guy, rather than 'take the game over' kind of guy like he's a hotshot. Would do the plays coach says, and just listen listen listen. Very humble, I think. Could be the best backup in the league, and should be cheap.

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Davin Joseph

Ryan Harris

Vince Young

Rex Grossman

Santana Moss

Maybe Nnamdi Asomugha

I keep hearing whispers about Vince Young from the insiders but I just don't see the fit between Young and us given what we saw from McNabb last year. Young is even more inconsistent with his accuracy throwing from the pocket than McNabb and is a one read then improvise QB. I just dont think that's what Kyle wants for his offense.

Given the void behind centre we need to sign someone though or maybe a trade. I'm not sold that Beck is the answer even stop gap unless we really are trying to win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Shanny had to say nice things about Beck given he is the only QB on the roster.

Other than that C, RG, RT across the line and a starting corner and NT please.

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This is the list of our FA (KFFL) - In January - dosen't include RFAs etc

QB John Beck - Not sure if he is - I thought he was under contract

QB Rex Grossman - Will be brought back to duke it out as No.1

RB Andre Brown - May be brought back in camp but doubt it

RB James Davis - See Andre Brown

RB Chad Simpson - See Andre Brown

FB Mike Sellers - Could it be the end for the fan favorite - He didn't seem to slow down but was not a key component of the O - could do well to get younger and cheaper and free up playing time to get Davis some more looks

WR Santana Moss - Wants to come back - should come back - Has been fantastic team player all the time in Wash and I would rather him be the grey beard of an otherwise young and inexperienced group than some outside FA like Jackson .

P Josh Bidwell - I think we will bring in other people to punt but I am not sure who

C Will Montgomery - I will be shocked if he is not back - I can see him having a shot to unseat Rahbach

LB H.B. Blades - Never really panned out and seems to have been lost in the shuffle to the 3-4 and I think Henson and Riley will move infont of him on the depth chart - I think there will be an offer on the table but may go to greener pastures

CB Carlos Rogers - I like Rogers - I can see him out pricing himself for the team - I would be shocked but not amazed if he comes back .

RT Jamal Brown - I would like him to come back - I think this season has messed up his value to some teams as they have already pencilled in young guys on their lines - If he comes back I can see him holding fort for a couple of seasons until Capers or anther draftee takes the slot

The targets I would like to see

High priority

- DE - I know Jenkins may be brought in as potential DE but I think he will get a long look at NT (along with Nield, Bryant and Kemo) - Also depending when the CBA is settled - even in the interim - I think it is hard to pencil in rookies starting on day 1 . There are DEs who could be worth a look coming from 3-4 teams such as the Cowboys worth looking at .

- OL I see the OL change as a evolution rather than a wholesale shake up - That said I can see us looking at Harris (although he has major injury concerns) and OG/C - In the UDFA pool there are some interesting names to look at (e.g.O'Dowd at C) and we will phase players in but could use a FA boost

Mid priority

- LB - I would have liked to get a late ILB proity here but wasn't to be . I think we need some depth to go with LF and the otherwise young and inexperienced group and I am kind of relying on Henson to come back at full strength

- OLB - Still needs some depth here - With Rak and Kerrigan potentially starters by the end of the season could bring some skill/depth to compliment them .

Kicking game - We have Gano - and I am hoping he can come back after a so so season and I am not sure we have a P on deck, but we do need to address the LS situation .

Low priorities

S - We are set at starter and have functional depth - there may be some competition for those lower slots but I don't see this will change massivly

WR/TE - I would stay pat - bring in competition but we need to see what we have at WR and TE is set (IF MOSS returns)

RB - Helu will be the first cab off the rank in a RB by committee with others possibly including Torrain and Williams - I really don't see value in RB FA retreads and do we run a FB in our system ?

Not sure about -

QB - I can see Rex and John duking it out and potentially running with 2 QBs as this is going to be an odd season for developing QBs . But then Beck and Rex have known limitations and we may look eslewhere

CB - The coaches were high on Rogers but now have had 12 months to evaluate him - I think it is telling he was not offered a contract pre lockout and if the Skins go in another way we need a starter so this becomes a high priority ...

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Davin Joseph and Ryan Harris would be fine. As good as they did today in the draft I would have liked them to take a shot with Greg McElroy. His 42 on the wonderlic would be enough to try him out.

I could be mistaken but I believe McElroy was drafted by the Jets

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