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Who was the Biggest Redskins 1st Round Draft Bust?  

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  1. 1. Who was the Biggest Redskins 1st Round Draft Bust?

    • 1992 Desmond Howard
    • 1994 Heath Shuler
    • 1995 Michael Westbrook
    • 1996 Ander Johnson OT
    • 2001 Rod Gardner WR
    • Other

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someone got into topaz.....

I like it.

When you use topaz make sure you erase some parts that look too over the top. Erase around the eyes the arms.

But I like it...It looks like what left did with that twitter wall.

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Hey Left, I sent you a pm. Soup, sorry about that Xoom, at least take solace in the fact that it won't be updated every 6 months like the iPad. Who, I did take what Soup had to say into consideration and I could easily change the opacity of the filter to make it look less cartoonish, but I personally like the look, so I'm going to keep it for now. Skins_&_Stons, thanks! It really does mean a lot, and here is my finished wallpaper of all of our draftees.

Oh, and if anyone wants it in a higher resolution, just let me know.



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I like it but one thing you should take into consideration when doing a collage like this is try to create a shape with the players. I like to try and create a diamond shape. Have a player you want to be the top of the diamond and then build down from there. The shape really depends on you, I like the diamond shape when I create a wall like this. I see that you did it in rows of 4 but it kind of feels lost towards the top. Check out the one I did. Notice how I have the players arranged. There is a flow to the players. Other than that it is very well done. Appreciate you sharing with us. You are getting good. Keep up the good work.

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What you could do is split up the players into 2 or 3 wallpapers. I think the second one is too cluttered. I agree with left it needs a better shape. I really like the first one more. I like the white on blue

You could follow this wall as well


Thanks SOUP, you just gave me some inspiration with that Phillies wall.....oh yeah

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