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Welcome to DC Ryan.

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Welcome to the B&G family Ryan.

I must profess I know little about you, but one thing that keep's coming up in everything I hastily read is your blue collar work ethic. Personally speaking, as a long standing fan of this organization, I can forgive a heck of a lot from a player that may come up short so long as he gives every last ounce of sweat he has for the jersey on his back. By all accounts, you sound just that type of 100% guy in everything you do. As a great man would say, you fit the demographic of a "core Redskin." Here's to you and 'Rak terrorising opposing QB's for MANY years to come.

All in all, after I firmly believe TN altered our plans by taking Coach Mikes guy (Gabbert? When are some of you gona' learn to not believe ONE word that charlatan JLC say's); not a bad comeback. An extra high pick, and a position of need filled. Here's to more of the same in the remaining rounds.


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Welcome Ryan to the RedSkins family!

I wish you the very best life has to offer in your professional career as well as personal life. If you could do one thing for us Skin fan, please lay the hammer on the Cowboy's QB. Let him feel that hit all week long.

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Watching his

this kid reminds me a lot of Clay Matthews. Minus the hair. He has some great closing speed! He'll play that Will LB spot opposite of Rak and seems to have the closing speed we need. Hell, he caused a sack fumble on Pryor numerous times.

What I like most about him is that he comes outta no where. It's amazing how time and time again we think these big name guys are going to be super studs in the NFL. Then you check the Pro Bowl and you see that it's full of guys who came from small or 'lesser' schools that blow up to be super stars.

Welcome aboard!

And two decent Second rounders now? Hell to the yeah!!!

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