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A Closer Look at 2011 QB Prospect: Colin Kaepernick


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The 2011 Redskins might be in the market to acquire a QB in the upcoming draft and there are several good prospects.

The aim of this series of threads is to conduct a layman's evaluation and discussion of the QBs by look past the stats and the often parroted rhetoric available through media and draft sites.

The goal is to look in depth and discuss the top prospects in action.

The springboard for the discussion will be the commonly available game cut-ups (not highlights) on youtube and may extend to torrents (if there's interest).

All are welcome with the expectation that specific plays will be discussed whenever possible.



This is a very truncated version that will be updated time permitting.

Thoughts/Additions/Game Commentary are welcome.

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From everything I've seen and heard of Kaepernick I really like him. He's barely below Locker and Mallet for me. I think it was the Boise St. game that really got me on his bandwagon-- one of the craziest college football games I've ever seen.

This game isn't his best, but even here you can see he's a well-rounded QB-- good accuracy, good arm strength, and he can really control the tempo of the game. A big plus is that he knows how to use his athleticism to avoid the rush, stay behind the LOS, and make a play, rather than just always taking off when the play breaks down. He's got QB size and apparently he's pretty bright too.

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the problem with him is going to be able to go through his reads and progressions.. check down options 1, 2 , 3 etc.... also getting usto a different offense he ran the pistol and thats soooo different even compared to a spread offense. i really like this kid but in my eyes whomever goes for qb in this draft will reach especially if there arent no trade for players.

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