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NYT Butget Tool: Vote for which ideas you support


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OK, so I've tried to make some proposals for how to deal with the deficit, using the Budget Tool which the NYT posted, and which several committed posters have been pointing people at for a while.

Nobody seems to respond.

I figured that maybe if I created a poll, then a) people would discuss it, and B) maybe we'd get lucky and discover that there are some (maybe several) proposals where there's actually a consensus.

What I'm going to do (It will likely take a few minutes for me to cut and paste each individual item. And I haven't counted, it might not all fit on one poll) is to create a poll (where people can vote for "all that apply") where people can check every item which they think is a good idea.

(My theory being that if, say, 65% of ES thinks raising the SS age to 70 is a good idea, then I'll call that a consensus.)

If nothing else, we can all get a feel for "If Congress simply does the things that we all agree on, then what will that do to the deficit?"

(Poll will likely take a few minutes.)

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