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ESPN the Magazine: Redskins 70th best paying team in the world (best paying team in the NFL)


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Got the new issue of ESPN the Mag in the mail yesterday, and they have a section on "The 100 best-paying teams in the world" based on the average annual salary per player.

The Redskins ranked 70th, at $2,913,048 per year per player.

The Saints were the second highest in the NFL (74th overall), at $2,845,831 per year per player.

The Cowboys came in at 82nd overall, at $2,679,093 per year per player.

Not surprisingly the top two teams were Barcelona ($7,910,737) and Real Madrid ($7,356,632). The Yankees were third ($6,756,301) followed closely by the Lakers ($6,540,690).

A couple interesting points...

The Heat ($3,439,822) were one spot ahead of the Cavaliers ($3,438,187), and Orioles were ahead of the Skins, and the Caps came in riding the 100 spot.

The salaries exclude endorsements, bonuses, and any other "extra" compensation.

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