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Deadspin: Duke Sorority Wants You To Do Your Bestest To Find A Future Banker Husband


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Want a new reason to hate Duke? Why not....

——-Original Message——-

From: [redacted]

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 15:12:19

To: [redacted]; [redacted]

Reply-To: [redacted]

Subject: Girls email to old south

Hey Girls of Old South ,

First of all if you know other girls going to Old South please forward this to them. It also may be helpful to print it out!

We hope you are getting excited for the upcoming weekend! Old South is a really well planned weekend, and the guys put a great deal of time into making it memorable. Throughout my years at Duke, Old South has been one of my absolute favorite weekends. As you sift through Shopbop, I was asked to email you some specifics of the weekend from the fraternity because we all know some guys' idea of a plan is "wanna go to the beach Friday?".

Coolers - You have probably heard of the tradition of OSDs, "Old South Dates," making and filling coolers. The boys LOVE their coolers. Mine was really not up to par last year (wasn't quite dry by the time we put it in the car), and I really regret it because the boys lit up when they saw their name on a really awesome cooler. All the boys are really appreciative and proud of their date's cooler. They use them the following year for parties and such! Absolutely no pressure, but if you have a crafty friend call her up and make a girls' night out of it. Check out some of the attached pictures; in addition, some easy things to write on them are:

Your date's name

Kappa Alpha Order

Old South 2011

KA flag and crest –

Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington April 15-17

Easiest way to a man's heart is through food and alcohol. Best to ask your date what he likes! No matter how much you buy, these boys will consume everything you put in there. Through experience here are the items you should include and might want to consider to fill your cooler:



-mixers (soda, juice, tonic/soda water)

-margarita mix/mimosa stuff/ bloody Mary ingredients- feeling crazy?

-champagne –feeling sexy?

-Breakfast items (pop-tarts, donuts, juice, granola bars)

-Beach Snacks/Late night munchies (candy, goldfish, chips)

-2 towels (unless you are tryin to share one-can pretty much guarantee your date will forget his)

-Sunscreen/tanning oil (don't want your pictures to be ruined)

-Solo cups


Other suggestions:

-more Solo cups

-ping pong balls



-post-hangover items such as GATORADE/ADVIL/SUNGLASSES (maybe this should have been under definites)





Tentative idea of the schedule:

Friday - People trickle in at different times in cars. We are going on a dinner cruise! Wear a nice dress, but we will probably not change before we go out so make sure it's something you would feel comfortable at a bar in.

Saturday - Wake up and head to the beach. Don't forget a bathing suit! Hang out and drink all day together. Saturday night is the main event. Plan on dinner and dancing. Completely doesn't matter if you wear a short or long dress, but it is formal attire and your date will be looking hot in his tux so plan accordingly!

Sunday - Everyone leaves at different times. People go to brunch in small groups. Some go to the beach again, like us.

We, the girls, are ordering koozies just for fun. If you want to order one, they are $10 (because we ordered them last minute), and we will have them on Friday at the hotel (so convenient for the beach). They should be cute. Email me how many you want-Don't tell your date!! Thinking it will be a nice surprise! I need to know by noon tomorrow how many you want!!!

This weekend is going to be so fun. Definitely be excited and flattered that your date wanted to spend his Old South with you, and have fun making your date's cooler (or forcing your best friend to make it)!

Conclusion: 2 nice dresses, cooler, alcohol

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We did that for the boys at VT for their formals weekend. Coolers are a kickass idea.

I liked some of the suggestions in the comments for what should go in the coolers:

Plan B pills

History books

Sense of self-awareness

---------- Post added April-20th-2011 at 04:27 PM ----------

Anyway, the Old South part is a time to dress up like Robert E. Lee and drink from Solo cups.

Lexington, VA (WLTX, AP) -- The executive council of the Kappa Alpha Order has forbidden members of its chapters across the country from wearing Confederate uniforms and "Old South" regalia during fraternity-sponsored events.

The decision comes after fraternity officials received complaints of insensitivity following an "Old South" parade at the University of Alabama that stopped at the house of Alpha Kappa Alpha members, a traditionally black sorority, during their 35th anniversary party. The chapter cancelled their "Old South" parade for this year, which was scheduled for this week.


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I really don't get the problem with this? am i glossing over something in the email?

Otherwise, it sounds like an email sent out to a bunch of girls before going to a Fraternity formal party....

It's the type of party they are going to (Old South, y'all) combined with the utter vacuosness behind it.

Basically, this hits every single one of my buttons. The South, The Lost Cause, Frats, Dukes, Sorority Girls, Duke, Unearned Privilege, Duke, Gender Stereotypes, Duke, Utter Lack of Female Empowerment, the Carolinas, and Duke.

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Prime example of why I never joined a sorority and I think the vast majority of sorority girls are ding dongs. This weekend sounds so stupid. I would have shot myself if I'd have had to hang out with these dip****s in college and was expected to impress some jackass with a cooler on top of it.

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It sounds like this "Old South" party has absolutely nothing to do with the traditional "Old South" KA parties other than name and maybe some brahish coolers with the 'stars and bars' painted on the side.

I guess calling your party "Old South" is a lot frattier, and there for cool, than "Beach Week" or "Spring Formal".

And if this party wasn't called "Old South", this would still be stupid, but I bet a whole lot less people would care.

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I'm trying to envision any woman I would ever consider sleeping with staying up late to complete a "cooler" filled with Natty Lite and playing cards for a Duke Frat Boy who simply wants to nail her in a Port A Potty.

This should be the email:

Hey, Girls.

The Old South Party is this weekend. Don't forget to bring your vaginas.



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I'm trying to envision any woman I would ever consider sleeping with staying up late to complete a "cooler" filled with Natty Lite and playing cards for a Duke Frat Boy who simply wants to nail her in a Port A Potty.

This should be the email:

Hey' date=' Girls.

The Old South Party is this weekend. Don't forget to bring your vaginas.



:ols: this thread is awesome.

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