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Songs You Never Ever Ever Want to Hear Again


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Here is my short list.

Brown Eyed Girl (Love Van Morrison. Skip this one every time).

The Joker (And pretty much every Steve Miller song)

Margaritaville (I don't even hate Jimmy Buffet that much, but this song is a national travesty)

Cocaine (I only like Clapton when he is in supergroups. This is the most boring "edgy" song ever).

Bridge Over Troubled Water (I blame my wife for my hatred of this song. That and the fact that it sucks).

Another Brick in the Wall (I want to kill those ****ing students. Eat your goddamn gruel and shut up about it).

Stairway (When I'm President, I'm passing an Anti-Zeppelin Act. There is no longer a need to get the Led out).

Feel Like Makin' Love (Did anyone like this song when it was first released? Is there any logical reason to explain why this is played on every classic rock station 18 times a day?)

American Woman (This is the single worst song ever recorded by a successful American rock band. Fact).

Tush (I love me some ZZ Top. This song makes me want to stick a pen in my ear).

Hotel California (Enough already).

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I am probably the biggest Jimi Hendrix fan ever, but the two songs I absolutely despise are his two biggest hits. Foxy Lady and Purple Haze. Awful, both of them.

Guns and Roses is a good call. What a steaming pile of **** they were. If you sported a mullet and a denim jacket in jr. High, chances are you loved them. However, "Don't Cry" is a great song. I hate to say it.

Led Zeppelin is a band I guess I like. For the first minute, they're great. Second minute, they're good. Third minute, meh. Fourth minute, I'm ready for something else. After 5 minutes I'm done. After 20 minutes, I'm ready to impale my eardrums with a rusty screwdriver.

However, I would like to submit as the absolute worst ****ing song of all time:


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And yet it was covered by another "successsful artist" :ols:

Just reminded me. Lenny Kravitz is terrible. How did this one-riff having ass-clown ever take his place in popular music? "Are ya gonna go my way". No. STFU already. Buy a riff *******.

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This might actually be worse than Friday:


This I know for a fact is:


This is the worst of anything not produced by someone under the age of 13.


British commentator Warren Ellis calls Brokencyde's "FreaXXX" music video "a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s **** about this point in the culture".

Good luck lasting longer than 1/4 of the way through any of these.

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