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going to hike to a 4000 year old indian oyster shell ring today!


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We are on a family vacation in the SC lowlands this week. I call it fancy camping since we are in a 1920s fishing cabin. Very rustic but clean and comfortable. Its right on the palmetto trail and the shell ring is nearby. Tomorrow is a day at the beach. Thurs is for a day hiking bulls island and maybe a plantation tour.

Our daughters have had a blast so far (since Sunday ) fishing. Hiking. Crabbing. Canoeing. And kayaking. Grateful outdoors. Education!

And all for just a few hundred bucks!

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If you are ok with rustic like a step up from tent camping this is a great value. The only small complaint I have is that the owners are a little too close by. They have given us all the privacy we could ask for though and are sweet folks.

The cost is like 475 for 6 days.

Very close to all the Charleston attractions too. Its in the Francis marionational forest.

Ill send you the link when we get home

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That's funny, I was just watching National Geographic's show on "Raising the Hunley", the hoisting of the Confederates submarine which became the first sub to down a ship during the Civil War. But I fell asleep before I could find out if they raised it or not.

If they havn't, maybe you could add scuba diving to your hiking adventures, and dive down and get a closer look at the Hunley for us :silly:

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actually native american, not indian thanks

Actually. The locals say Indian and the signs do too. PC isnt as hip as you think it is

On another note. The vacation has been incredible. Took a pontoon boat ride up awedaw creek. More palmetto trail hiking and lots more kayaking. Tried soft shell grad last night.

Today we hit the beach and fort moultrie. Then went to a nice little barn jam music venue. I was told that all new bands have to go through there to break onto Charleston. All original stuff and great!

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