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I hope we draft Cam Newt------ Im kidding... Im just not sold on Vonn Miller

HAIL Freezes Ova

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I watched a few of his games and a few of his highlights.........arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg

You want to like the kid because of the

Sexy plays on the ball. I mean, what football fan wouldn’t salivate over a 240+ LB climbing on some punk QB like a hungry reces monkey…… A one that thinks the Cowboys organization is prestigious…lolol..thats who

But seriously… He screams Redskins D, Business as usual. Every skins game has more missed tackles than a division 34 high school championship game. He makes a lot of ankle tackles that would go to the hizouse (house) in the NFL, and is Orakpo junior Aka all speed… little to no technique (less waving is hands in the air, and missing tackles like he just don’t care)

Can someone who is more well versed in the art of the 3-4 OLB school me. I can see this guy being more than an OK LB and a great pass rusher in the future.

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