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WTOP: White House goes on sale


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WASHINGTON -- What does it take to get to the White House? Only $4.65 million. Unfortunately this one doesn't come with President Obama, counter snipers, or a dog named "Bo."

A white house is up for sale in McLean matching the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW footprint. It even includes a Lincoln Bedroom and an Oval Office.

The original owner had the house on Towlston Road built "on spec" to the real White House, says Chu Ngyuen of Fairfax Realty, right down to the cut and color of the world's most famous office.

"In a way he wanted to pay tribute to American history and culture," Nguyen said. The house just north of Leesburg Pike also includes five other bedrooms, a furnished basement and a grand foyer to welcome state guests.

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