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SHO: The Borgias Season 1


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I'm enjoying it... I always enjoy stories about the catholic church.... There is no other subject which so consistently requires TV and books to tone down what actually occurred....

The Borgia's are going to be interesting how they handle them. There was a dichotomy to them. One they were ruthless scheming and very attuned politically. They rank among the most infamous to have acquired the Vatican... But really that's because others who achieved that office who were much worse occurred in times when reporting was not as well documented. That's a mark against the Borgia's.

It's also interesting that the Borgia's were in the Vatican at the dawn of the renaissance and that they commissioned many of the Vatican's priceless art pieces and had as their chief architect Michael Angelo who also was their military advisor and architect.

If you've ever seen Michael Angelo's plans for a tank or helicopter these came from his association with the Borgia's, works commissioned by the Borgia's..

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Seems like an interesting show so far. Most Showtime series are good so I am sure it will heat up. I remember not being totally into Californication at first but now I love that show. If this turns out to be like the Tudors though, I will be disappointed. I hated that show. Couldn't get into it to save my life.

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