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Homer's Odyssey (the blind wonder cat) by Gwen Cooper BEST BOOK EVER!


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As some of you know my ES name is my cat's name Huly or Chihuly. He is my baby and adore him one eye and all! Well I just read the book Homer's Odyssey and I cried and laughed. It reminded me so much of my Huly. This was one of the best books I have ever read. What one might see as a disability might not be true for the person or animal that has it. I learned that lesson from my Huly and the biggest impact Huly has had on my life was through my niece.

My 5 year old niece Angelina came running up to me when I was picking her up at daycare to tell me that she got in a fight with her teacher. I of course asked why and she responded she drew a picture of Huly and that her teacher stated a cat must have 2 eyes. She explained Huly only has one eye as he is a special cat. Well needless to say I had to explain to her teacher that Angelina was right and Huly is perfect with his one eye.

Here is the website for the book: (I bought my copy at Costco)


A sample of her blog from this weekend of another Homer adventure: (reminds me of the thread Life's Simple Pleasures)


This July will be fourteen years that I’ve been living with Homer, and he still continues to surprise me.

We don’t eat a lot of fast food in this house (mostly because fast food in Manhattan is wretched–even more wretched than it is when it’s “good”). But yesterday Laurence and I decided to bring in some Subway for lunch. We got one of the combo deals (it really is the best value), so with my sandwich came a fountain soda. Of course I also grabbed a straw for my drink before returning home.

Now, straws are one of Homer’s favorite things in the world. The pity of it is that we so rarely bring any into our home (see above re: not much decent fast food around here). I’m not sure how exactly Homer, being unable to see, was able to figure out that the soda I was enjoying with my lunch had a straw sticking out of the top. Maybe he remembers what the sound of ice rattling around in a paper cup sounds like?

In any case, Homer was on the table and all over my soda in about thirty seconds flat. Every time I took a sip of my drink and put it back down, Homer would turn his head sideways and clamp his teeth around the straw, trying to work it out of the lid of the drink, until–finally–I decided it would do more for the Greater Good to just give Homer the straw and drink my soda without one.

Nearly 24 hours later, Homer still hasn’t gotten tired of his new favorite toy. I tried to get a few “action” shots, although Homer’s been such a whirling dervish chasing that straw all over the apartment that more than a few came out blurry:

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