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GOP Preparing Short Term Government Funding (DoD to get full year funds)


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Yet another thread from Fergasun on the government shutdown!

It appears the GOP is going to be passing another 1-week continuing resolution with the cuts that they have agreed to with the Democrats (hear from various sources). This continuing resolution will also fully fund DoD for FY2011.

I'm getting sick of the FY2011 budget fight. The GOP is being stubborn and pushing it with their policy cuts (ie. cutting NPR and Planned Parenthood). I think the Democrats are right to defend that in the FY2011 budget, do people think the 2010 elections were a mandate to symbolically cut those social programs? Although the GOP is also correct in saying, not much of a difference between $38B and $33B in cuts. Hah! It's great!

I've always said (I hope this is documented) that a fully funded DoD budget is a sign to me the GOP is going to fight. If this CR goes through (and it will get passed in the Senate), it sets up for a wonderful political porn date of April 15 for the next government shutdown. My prediction is that the GOP pushes for the $61B in cuts, and shuts the government down for a couple of days. Even shutting it down over the weekend would have some physic effect on their base.

The funny thing is I have a feeling this is going to repeat itself for FY2012. I mean, the parties don't have much in terms of policy to get passed... they can squabble and fight over the budget for another whole year until the 2012 election and make it a clear mandate on which party is trusted on spending. Once they pass the FY2011 fully funded budget they can than move on to the task of squabbling over the FY2012 budget!

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President Obama is not being honest when his spokesman say they need to roll their sleeves up and/or get a committe going to look into this.

Nancy Pelosi should be put back into regular membership after her comments yesterday about its crunch time we need to get on this... Did she EVER pass a budget?

They don't need to fight.. They need to learn how to read.

December 1, 2010

The Moment of Truth: Report of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

Fiscal Commission

Statement of Senator Max Baucus

December 3, 2010

Today, we are considering a deficit reduction package proposed by the co-chairs of the

Commission. I thank the co-chairs for their many, many hours of hard work leading this


They are clearly committed to putting our nation on a secure fiscal footing. And I

commend them for their work.

We need to reduce our Federal budget deficits. We need to do so to help ensure that our

children and grandchildren can look forward to a brighter future.

We made good progress toward that goal earlier this year. We did so when Congress

enacted the new health care reform law.

January 31, 2011

Member Statements for Final Commission Report

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It's my opinion the GOP blocked the FY2011 budget in order to bludgeon the Democrats this year. They had the political cover to do so (people didn't care a CR was passed). I wonder how the omnibus they were going to pass in December compares to what eventually passes. Just my opinion; I think its somewhat disingenuous for the GOP to beat the Democrats up over that. I mean the Democrats can be just as obstructionist in FY12 and then say "Hey, the Republicans didn't pass a budget!" It's completely cheap politics; of course they can get away with it because of their popularity with the voters right now.

I see there's going to be some type of deal, Boehner played this well. If the House passes the latest 1 week CR with fully funded DoD they can pin the shutdown on the Democrats (assuming the Senate doesn't pass it). If the Senate does pass the 1-week CR they've stepped right into his trap and he can push for the full $61B in cuts, because GOP only cares about defense spending and they'll let the other stuff shut-down. This puts pressure on the Senate to get a deal done ASAP. I don't know if the Democrats are also playing to their base by not making the cuts they know will have to be made anyway.

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