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Dailyfinance.com: The Real Reason Gas Prices Are Soaring


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"Though Dicker acknowledges that is not likely to happen, he points out that when the 2008 economic crisis froze all financial markets and investors stampeded to the sidelines, the true price of a barrel of crude oil became known: $32. It's now hovering at around $110 thanks entirely to investor demand, he says."

Been saying it for years, putting a few simple regulations in place would cut the price of gas in half.

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Interesting article, but what does the rest of the western world do re investing in oil? Oil prices per barrel are maintained by OPEC and are the same everywhere. Is there really enough of a market for these investments just in the US, such that this sort of regulation would drop the barrel price that much? Is there any doubt that if that happened OPEC would cut production and take other steps to drive the price back up?

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