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Official Extremeskins Draft Day Party Tailgate 04/30 (Lot A-31) - POST WHAT YOU ARE BRINGING!!!


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Official Extremeskins Draft Day Party Tailgate



Nudge, nudge.... Yo, wake up dude!

Yawn... [rubs eyes]. Holy hell! Is it already that time of year? That was one

short hibernation! Well folks... Weeeeee're Baaaaaack !! Its time for another

year of Extremeskins Tailgating, and once again we kick off the year with

what maybe the most popular tailgate of the year. Draft Day! Its a grand day

of discussing who is out and who is in in our topsy turvey organization. You

get to smack talk with all your fellow skins fans, debate draft selections, eat

some great tailgate food, partake in a few spirits, and even listen to some

great music provided by one of our very own's (Skins 'N Bones) band

"Sons of the Radio". Some come one, come all, to an entire day of fun at

Fedex Field and don't forget to make your bets on what time Slacky will

pass out!

Our tailgates last year were absolutely fantastic and I want to thank every

single one of you guys, because people have been stepping up more and

more with lots of great food, drinks and much needed supplies. This tailgate

is getting bigger and better year after year, and the reason is because each

and every one of you does such an awesome job. Don't think this goes

unnoticed either... The Redskins organization knows who we are and likes

how we present ourselves as fans and as responsible tailgaters. Lets

continue to do our best asthe best tailgate at Fedex Field!

I am sure most of you are familiar with our tailgate threads, but I like to

emphasize that we try to be as organized as we possibly can. At the bottom

of this post you will see 4 sections (Food, Drinks, Supplies and Needed

Items). We ask that if you plan on attending, and if you can donate items to

the tailgate, that you check what we have and what we need and post what

you can bring. I will keep the lists updated as frequently as I can. We

understand that in some situations, that folks cannot bring something, but

we do ask that people who regularly attend the tailgate try to chip in



Food/Drinks/Supplies are appreciated over monetary donations

What is it:

We are a gathering of die hard Washington Redskins fans who love to come

together and have a good time out in the lots before and after the game.

Our tailgate has become a very popular point at Fedex Field, and we have

been featured on numerous news and television shows. If you like to eat

great food and enjoy tasty beverages while playing games, listening to tunes

and chatting about the brugundy and gold with fellow die hard fans, then

this is the place for you!

When is it::

April 30th (Saturday). From Dawn until Dusk!

Please note that this date is tentative. At this time, the Washington Redskins

have not officially announce the Draft Day Party. We are assuming that they

will follow the same procedure as last year, which is the Saturday (April 30th)

following the NFL Draft. We must keep in mind however, that there is a chance

they could change the scheduling to the actual first day of the NFL Draft, which

occurs on April 28th. Please check back to watch for updates on the

scheduling as well as other information.

Where is it::

Section A-31 in the Purple Lot. The folks at Fedex Field normally limit parts

of the parking lot, including our normal location (E-43 Green Lot). This is our

normal location for this event if you have come to previous Draft Day Party

Tailgate events.

Who can come:

Absolutely everyone... the more the merrier! This tailgate originated as a

tailgate for the ExtremeSkins and RedskinRoadtrips boards, but it has

expanded and has brought in not only folks from other fan sites, but it has

become a haven for all Redskins fans, their friends and their families. We

accept fans of all sorts, even of other teams. We ask if you come to the

tailgate, that you remember one thing... treat others as you would want to

be treated! We appreciate the razzing of opponents fans, as a matter of

fact, we encourage it! We do not however, tolerate any physical violence,

threats, property damage, etc...

Fans of all ages are welcome (We have non-alcoholic items as well). We

have lots of kids at our tailgate :)

What can I do:

We prefer that folks bring food/drinks/supplies rather than money. While

we do not solicit any contributions to the tailgate, they are welcome.

Many of us who help run the tailgate spend alot of money on the supplies

that we provide at every tailgate. Anything you can do to help is highly

desired and appreciated, such as bringing food, drinks, supplies or even

donating monetarily (which is distributed among the core members of the


During the course of this tailgate's history, every year, we have had people

step up and become core members that help with the organization, setup

and supply of the tailgate, which has resulted in its success. If you would

like to help out in this capacity, please let us know.

If you are bringing a food, drink or supply item to the tailgate, please post a

response in this thread with what you plan to bring !!

Who to contact:

You can get most of your questions answered in this thread, but if you have

specific questions or concerns, please contact Huly or myself via PM or by

emailing: pez@netpez.net

We will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

Again... most questions can be answered by members in this thread we have

alot of ES Tailgate veterans!


Food List:

80 lbs of Wings (Pez/Huly)

8 lbs of Shrimp Scampi (Skinsfan1311)

? Meatballs (skinslove<3)

? Atomic Buffalo Turds (dfitzo53)

1 Firehouse Subs Delux Party Platter (MarkB452)

? Sausages w/Buns (ldysknzfn1)

? Hot Dogs w/Buns (skinslove<3)

? Hot Dogs w/Buns (ldysknzfn1)

2 Doz Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (MarkB452)

? Redskin M&M Cookies (dfitzo53)

? Crackers (skinslove<3)

? Jalapeno Cheese Spread (skinslove<3)

? Snacks ? (honorary_hog)

3 Beef Briskets smoked on site (Mark The Homer)

? Cheese, Crackers, Pistachios, Cheetoes (Mark The Homer)

3 lbs New Orleans Style Steamed Shrimp (Travis aka black mth)

Drink List:

5 Gallons of Hand Grenades (skinsfan44)

1 Margarita Frozen/Slush Bucket (MarkB452)

1 Batch of Mojitos (Skinsfan1311)

1 Bottle of Makers Mark (Skinsfan1311)

1 Bottle of Liquor (mikeinalexandria)

4 Liters home brewed beer (MarkB452)

1 Case of Beer (Pez/Huly)

1 Case of Beer (mikeinalexandria)

1 Case of Beer (skinslove<3)

1 Case of Beer (honorary_hog)

1 Case of Beer (Slacky McSlackAss )

2 Cases of Soda (dfitzo53)

1 Case of Soda (Pez/Huly)

1 Case of Soda (MarkB452)

? Gatorade/Powerade (honorary_hog)

? Milk (Capt Rich Fla) <- WTF?

2 Cases of Water (mikeinalexandria)

2 Cases of Water (Pez/Huly)

2 Cases of Water (Slacky McSlackAss)

1 Case of Water (MarkB452)

1 Case of Water (dfitzo53)

1 Handle Vodka w/ mix (Mark The Homer)

1 Handle Tequila w/ mix (Mark The Homer)

1 5 gal jug Ice Water (Mark The Homer)

Supply List:

1 Flagpole/Flags (Pez/Huly)

1 Flagpole/Flags (skinsfan44)

1 Camp Stove (Skinsfan1311)

1 Fryer (Pez/Huly)

1 Canopy (Pez/Huly)

1 Canopy (skinsfan44)

2 Tables (skinsfan44)

1 Table (Pez/Huly)

1 Table (dfitzo53)

1 Table (mikeinalexandria)

1 Table (Skinsfan1311)

6 Chairs (skinsfan44)

4 Chairs (dfitzo53)

4 Chairs (Skinsfan1311)

4 Chairs (skinslove<3)

3 Chairs (Pez/Huly)

2 Chairs (MarkB452)

2 Chairs (mikeinalexandria)

1 Cooler (mikeinalexandria)

1 Cooler w/Ice (dfitzo53)

1 Cooler w/Ice (Capt Rich Fla)

1 Cooler w/Ice (Pez/Huly)

1 Cooler w/Ice (skinsfan44)

1 Cooler w/Ice (MarkB452)

1 Cooler w/Ice (Skinsfan1311)

1 Bottle of Ketchup (MarkB452)

1 Bottle of Mustard (MarkB452)

2 Rolls Paper Towels (MarkB452)

2 Box Plastic Forks (MarkB452)

1 Duracell 300 watt battery pack (MarkB452)

1 Redskins Canopy 10x10 (Mark The Homer)

3 Redskins Chairs (Mark The Homer)

2 Tables (Mark The Homer)

3 Flagpoles with flags (Mark The Homer)



Bartender - After many years of service, Dave has stepped down as the

official Extremeskins Tailgate bartender. We need someone to assume

his role. Who is up to the challenge?


- Soda

- Water <- Very Important

- Juice

- Beer

- Spirits (Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whisky, etc)

- Mixers for spirits


- Hamburgers w/Buns

- Hot Dogs w/Buns

- Sausages, Brats, etc w/Buns

- Grilled chicken/steak/etc

- Other Protein items (Shrimp/pork/beef/chicken/etc... surprise us!)

- Side items (pasta salad, macaroni salad, veggie tray, etc)

- Desserts (cookies, brownies, pies, cakes)

- Condiments (ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, etc)

- Dips, salsa, etc


- Grills

- Canopy/Tents

- Tables

- Games (beer pong/cornhole/lasso golf/etc)

- Coolers with Ice

- Plastic Cups

- Plasticware (forks/knives/spoons)

- Paper Plates

- Napkins/Paper Towels

- Radios/Boomboxes (PLEASE !!!)

---------- Post added March-28th-2011 at 12:45 PM ----------

So.... who will make it for "Shots at Dawn" ?

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Some come one, come all, to an entire day of fun at

Fedex Field and don't forget to make your bets on what time Slacky will

pass out!

Seeing as he will be missing SAD I will go with 2:51pm. If he should decide to attend SAD I will ammend the time. ;)

Starts a slow chant for MTH, Ruebens,Ruebens,Ruebens,Ruebens. :)

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While there's been no "official" announcement, I spoke with Larry Weisman last week and he told me that it would be taking place April 30. See you there.

>> On Redskins Nation, Larry Micheal also said there would be a draft day party, but gave no details. I kind of doubt any of the current or drafted players will show up if the labor contract is still not signed, but still a great day.

---------- Post added March-28th-2011 at 06:25 PM ----------

After going to the draft day party in 2002 and vowing never to go again, MTH persuaded me to try again in 2009 and I had a great time (as I did in 2010). If you've never been to an ES Draft Day tailgate, you gotta go. I'll be there again:

1 dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.....mmm...donuts....argh.....

1 dozen Krispy Kreme Jelly/fancy donuts ("It's a jelly" )

Margarita Frozen/Slush Bucket (serves 24)

Cooler with ice

Paper towels

Box of plastic forks

Duracell 300 watt battery pack (IE poor man's generator - I ran a blender with it last year)

Giant bottle of Ketchup

---------- Post added March-28th-2011 at 06:25 PM ----------

< duplicate >

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4 chairs



Camp Stove


10-12+lbs of shrimp scampi, depending on the # of people

Bottle of Maker's

Mojito fixin's (Rum, mint, simple syrup & club soda)

Not sure about S.A.D. as Frannie will be at this one and I don't think I can talk her into it.

I'll add to the list as it gets closer

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And for the record: Sunrise is 6:12am on April 30th :ols:

count me in for SAD...gotta represent for the ladies =o)

after HELL the past few days, this thread made me soooooo damn excited.

i will update my contribution to the tailgate after i think about what i will be bringing.

can't wait to see everyone <3

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You know I will be there.

Not sure about Sapphire44 as of yet.

It all depends on who is riding with me if I get to S.A.D. or not.

I will have...

5 Gallons of Hand Grenades

2 Coolers (1 for the Hand Grenades and 1 for extra ice)

1 Redskins Canopy

2 Tables

6 Chairs

1 Flag Pole and Flags

Now if anyone wants to take over as the "Bartender" let me know and I will bring what is left from last years tailgate bar, otherwise NO TAILGATE BAR.

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I've only missed one draft day party over the last 5 years, but I've never been to the tailgate party to meet some of the great fans that help me through these tough times without football. I'm going to try and make it this year and will update with my contribution as we get closer to the end of April.

I guess this draft day party will only have former players if an agreement isn't reached. Are the cheerleaders locked out too?:gus:


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I might be coming to this tailgate/organized chaos:) gonna check and see what I have going on and update what ill bring. If I make it then SOD sounds like a plan !

You might? More like you better BRING IT especially since I'm working on getting J to bring his candy ass. ;)

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You might? More like you better BRING IT especially since I'm working on getting J to bring his candy ass. ;)

I'll know in a few days if I can make it out. Do need one day to get hammerd and where better than fed ex. No way all three of us will be at the same place at the same time :)

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