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US Navy in Japan


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Anybody taking note of US Navy actions in Japan. We've got 20 ships there including the nuclear Carier Ronald Reagan. And we've delivered about 150 tons of emergency supplies to remote or inaccessable areas.

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The carrier displaces almost 100,000 metric tonnes when fully loaded, and is over 330 metres long. Its flight deck covers an immense 4.5 acres; the island is 20 stories above the waterline. Power comes from two nuclear reactors that can operate for 20 years without refueling. Propulsion (over 280,000 horsepower) is taken care of by four huge bronze propellers, each of which is 6.4 metres across and weighs 30 tonnes.

About 6,000 crew members are aboard when the carrier sails. Over 18,000 meals are served each day (for almost three months without restocking). The ship also contains a post office, a dental office staffed by five dentists and an oral surgeon, a 63-bed hospital with five physicians, a ship's newspaper, and three chaplains who conduct daily religious services. A desalination plant turns seawater into fresh drinking water at the rate of 1,500,000 litres per day.

over 400,000 gallons of water a day

Way back in the day, I used to go down below to the nuke section on my ship to get distilled water (in 5 and 10 gallon jugs) to cool our electrical systems though some of it accidentally spilled into coffee makers

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