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Should some signal issue candidate run in 2012, just so the issue gets noticed?


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Usually each presidential cycle there are some candidates, usually minor, that run for president so that a single issue they believe in gets its due. That doesn't always work but with them running, an issue gets discussed that may not have been discussed.

Even those Ross Perot ended up being a major candidate, his issue the deficit, was a defining issue in 1992 and beyond. So much so, it altered some of thinking of what the Clinton administration actually did and we did get a balance budget and the deficit starting to be reduced.

We really need a third candidate, who can be major candidate in 2012.

My question though: Should someone run in 2012, just so an issue that might not get discussed gets discussed in 2012?

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anyone remember the single issue candidate from the last election? im willing to bet you dont..... it was congressman GRAVEL <or was it senator?> from alaska.

his platform? Marijuana law reformation. go back and watch the democratic debates. every answer he gave had to do with marijuana and drug law reformation.

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