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NFL 1987 Season - NFC Championship Postgame Ending - THE NFL TODAY


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Wow... I never saw this angle and never realized that Nelson flat out dropped the ball.... Darrell might have knocked it out anyway, but pretty fortunate it went through his hands.

I've seen that angle over 100 times but i was gonna say something similar. I wonder if he scores if he doesnt just drop the ball. Looks like Green has it covered and would have tackled him at the goal line but man talk about a game of inches he could have easily stretched the ball out and broke the plane.

*Edit* I still feel Gibbs should come back for one year and give us 3.0. That man is 2 for 2 in strike shorten seasons winning the superbowl. Yeah I'm not really serious. Am I?

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lol. Same here. I throw it in the VCR every now and again. I was seven at the time. It brings back great memories.

I was 7 as well but strangely enough the superbowl against Denver is a memory from my youth I remember clearly. Don't remember much else football wise from those years other than the Eagles Chicago game in the fog. Don't remember the game against Minnesota before it. But, i remember the 87 superbowl like it was yesterday.

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