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So how do want this owners- players impass settled?


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Players win in court and crush the owners.

Owners win in court and crush the players.

Court imposes a deal that neither side likes.

Players drop lawsuits and give into owners demands.

Owners give in players demands and give players what they want.

Owners and players eventually reach a negotiated settlement.

NFL goes completely out of business and the richer, big market owners form a new league.

Some other way_____________________.

Poll is public.

For the last option, you can post what that would be. I just thought another option I could've put into the poll- congressional action.

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I think the only way this works in the long run is for both sides to negotiate with each other. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and while the public may see lawsuits; in private they are dealing behind the scenes.

If the don't, then I thing a settlement coming another way will leave one side bitter that will build up to an even nastier fight the next time there's CBA negotiations. I am serious about the NFL folding and then something pops up in its place. I do think the poorer owners will probably just hang it up.

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If this is true & accurate then the NFLPA needs their collective heads examined. Stupid, stupid ****s!!

As was clear all along, the dispute came down to money. In the end, it appeared the sides were about $185 million apart on how much owners should get up front each season for certain operating expenses before splitting the rest of the revenues with players -- a far cry from the $1 billion that separated the sides for so long.


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Eff the owners... seriously these guys suck.

I have no empathy for either side, and could care less if there is a football season no matter how much I love watching the game. This is about money for both sides so screw em both as both sides use the fans as their crutch to the media.

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Time is winding down on the late, great NFL. Greed has finally caught up to and is beginning to overtake arguably the best American pastime for most of the last century. The average family of five can no longer afford to go see an NFL game being played live. Many of them still do, but they are forced to charge this great expense on a revolving credit card, or give up that annual family vacation. Some of those that charge it will end up filing for bankruptcy.

The NFL and other professional sports have become a luxury for the rich. With the current state of the economy and thousands of people all over this once great land losing their jobs, the NFL owners are starting to realize this and are attempting to make the necessary adjustments. The players and their Union also need to see the light. It's time for both, the owners and players to come back down to reality and remember that it has been the little guys that have been their biggest supporters down through the years. So what lesson needs to be learned here? Never bite the hand of the one that feeds you.

It's time for both sides to do something smart for a change, instead of continuing to be controlled by their insatiable greed. This crisis is not just in the NFL. It's the entire U.S. economy stupid!

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