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ESPN 980 (Chris Russell): Next Redskins Quarterback : Ryan Mallett?


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There are literally tons of players I'd like to have with the #10 pick, but I've been pretty firmly on the Mallett bandwagon when it comes to QBs in this draft. Russell makes some good points about Mallett here:


Next Redskins Quarterback : Ryan Mallett?

by Chris Russell

The Washington Redskins need a Quarterback of the future. Not many people, if any, would dispute that.

Who that Quarterback should be - and how they should acquire the 'chosen one' is of great consternation and debate.

Many feel Cam Newton, the most visible of all the young signal-callers should be the guy, and will be available at # 10 overall.

Some feel, Mike Shanahan will choose Jake Locker, who he has been fascinated with for a while.

I have been on record, as saying, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick is a young potential star, and would look great in burgundy and gold.

One name, that hasn't been debated much -- is that of Arkansas gun-slinger, Ryan Mallett.

Mallett is a big boy, plain and simple. He's 6-foot-6-inches, about 235 pounds and has a rocket for an arm. Those are indisputable facts. He was the SEC's leading passer in 2010, and was impressive on the field at the scouting combine, and by all accounts, on Tuesday at his "pro day" at Arkansas.

With the exception of a bad 40-yard dash time, officially clocked at 5.37. That's not very good, even though he admitted to the Associated Press and other media, "I'm not Michael Vick. Everybody knows that."

His agent, J.R. Carroll, via phone on Wednesday evening, explained to ESPN-980 that their was a plausible reason for his bad straight line speed. "He tweaked his groin when he first started his 40-yard dash. He probably shouldn't have run it, said Carroll. "He wanted to gut it out."

So the bottom line result was not very good, but the effort and toughness has to be encouraging.

Straight-line speed is not all that important in my mind -- but mobility is a must. Especially in the Redskins offense, and really all offenses in today's NFL. The ability to buy an extra half-second or step is of dire importance.

Can Mallett move around the pocket? "Watch the game film. Bobby (Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino) does a lot of roll outs. With Ryan's arm strength, you don't even have to have your full body behind a throw," said Carroll.

So do the Redskins have interest? They should, especially given that Kyle Shanahan likes to throw the ball deep, as Anthony Armstrong can attest too. The younger Shanahan won't publicly admit this, but both Rex Grossman and John Beck have said to me and others, the design of the offense is usually high to intermediate to low.

"I know he interviewed with Kyle and Mike Shanahan at the combine. They did not attend his Pro Day," said Carroll. As of Wednesday night, the Redskins also had not scheduled a private workout for Mallett either at Redskins Park or on the Arkansas campus.

Besides pure speed, there are questions about Mallett, just like there are for every player. Does he try and squeeze the ball in too a tight window, instead of making another read? That's the first one you hear. Certainly, late against Ohio State and Alabama, that question is a fair one.

So I asked Carroll, who again is Mallett's representation, but yet was refreshingly candid, on Mallett's biggest weakness. It's not what you are thinking (if you watched the combine coverage).

"Getting the footwork down. He has improved greatly. He was a 56% (55.8) guy as a starter in the beginning. Now he's up to 65% (64.7), which is a 9% jump. His footwork is much better, said Carroll. We're concentrating on his weight transition. He has to stay back, and not be on his front foot."

Then, you have the big unknown, to some. The allegations, that took center-stage at the Scouting combine. During Mallett's session with the press, he was peppered and doused with questions alleging drug use and a failed test.

"He's never failed a test. That statement can not be disproved," said Carroll. "The main thing is - Ryan was at Arkansas for three years and was tested randomly. He's never failed a drug test at Arkansas. The system doesn't care if you are a star Quarterback, you are just a number."

So why did Mallett 'storm' out of the media session as some have suggested? "If you listen to the audio, after the last question, Ryan did not storm off the podium. He was following the direction of the moderator."

Carroll dismissed the media session as having any tangible impact. "Not one team asked about the press conference. It was a non-factor with teams."

However, "Ryan did not mean to offend anyone," Carroll explained. He was simply listening to the moderator, says Carroll, who pointed out that you can hear the prompt of "last question" and Mallett heard "we appreciate it," and then left.

Mallett is clearly not just a canon-armed dummy, says Carroll. He has a southern accent, which is more then understandable. He is sharp when it comes to the execution of the position. He had to be, to play for Bobby Petrino.

"Petrino runs the most complex offense in college football. Every play, he has six or seven different plays that he can check in to. Once he reads the defense, he checks in to that play."

For those Redskins fans that grew weary of the Donovan McNabb "knowing his playbook" saga -- Carroll says "Petrino has one of the thickest playbooks in all of college football."

Common sense -- which I like to use every now and then -- tells me you would have to know a good amount of a complicated offense, to be that successful in it.

That's what Mallett and Carroll are banking on going forward.

-Chris Russell // www.twitter.com/russellmania09 // russellC@Redskins.com

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MartinC and myself have been working on a Closer Look at:Ryan Mallett thread. (Martin has been finished his breakdown of the Ark vs Miss St. game for 2 weeks now)

The game can be found here: http://www.secdigitalnetwork.com/SECVIDEO/TabId/468/VideoId/9599/Arkansas-Vs-Miss-State-Nov-20-2010-Full-Game.aspx

If you want to get a head start for the discussion.

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If Shanallen believe in the guy, that's enough for me.

But not at #10 please.

He seems like Drew Bledsoe with a bad attitude. Watching his bowl game, I kept thinking to myself "man, Mallett really seems like a punk."

The last part of your post is the reason why I'd stay away from him. Yes he's a talented guy with a big arm but do you want a guy who has a bad attitude? I don't and its not from the games he's played, its just the way he's come off in media sessions

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MartinC and myself have been working on a Closer Look at:Ryan Mallett thread. (Martin has been finished his breakdown of the Ark vs Miss St. game for 2 weeks now)

The game can be found here: http://www.secdigitalnetwork.com/SECVIDEO/TabId/468/VideoId/9599/Arkansas-Vs-Miss-State-Nov-20-2010-Full-Game.aspx

If you want to get a head start for the discussion.

Thanks for the info DG, I'm looking forward to the thread, you guys always go into meticulous detail about the players you do write-ups on.

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Not sure about Mallet being a Shanny type of QB. 5.40 40 yard dash and all.

Kiper flat out responded to a question yesterday about Mallet and the Skins


Mel - Can the skins get Mallet in round 2?Mel Kiper (1:17 PM)

I don't think he fits their offense. He's not a West Coast offense guy. He belongs in an offense that will go vertical. Plus you need to be a mobile passer. You have to take advantage of that arm. He's in the second round area. Andy Dalton is a guy that figures to fit that offense well.

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I have no desire to draft Ryan Mallett. People are against Newton because of character issues, but guess what, Mallett has them as well. His aren't as advertised because he's not as high a profile of a player.

Where Newton brings explosiveness and athleticism, Mallett brings slow and plodding play.

Anyone who doesn't want Newton shouldn't want Mallett, either. But, that's my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. I love this country :)

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via - http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/Radio-host-says-a-tape-exists-that-implicates-Cam-Newton.html

Former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton most certainly was asked nearly every question in the book, particularly pertaining to the pay-for-play scheme that centered around his father, while visiting with representatives from NFL teams during the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

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The problem for me with this draft is there is no one I'm really hoping we draft. AJ Green and Julio Jones seem like sure picks, but I'm not sure we really need a WR at #10. I think we need a QB, but there are too many questions surrounding all of them. I wouldn't mind a guy like Von Miller, but I think we have bigger needs. So I honestly have no favorite in this race. I'll trust whatever pick Allen and Shanahan make and hope for the best.

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Just curious why you say just by looking at him in one game you decide he has a bad attitude? Could you elaborate more, and not just say "that's what I hear everyone says".

Honestly, I can't elaborate. I don't have the time to watch a ton of college football, so you're right, my appraisal of his attitude is from one game. Of course, it was the biggest game of his career, so there's a little extra weight added to it.

His body language just sent bad juju out to me.

That's all I can say about it, and I know it's not much, which is why Shanallen will do a ton of research, interviews, and watch every college throw he ever made. And if they do that and draft him, I'll root for the guy and move forward.

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