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Season Ticket Renewals

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Just got this in an email.


Please note: Your physical Redskins season tickets are scheduled to be shipped by the end of July. If you decide to print, transfer, resell or donate your tickets online, your physical tickets will become invalid and inactive.

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They are cutting it close this year ... I got my tickets last year on 7/23 ..  haven't gotten any email this year yet ... and only 17 days to the 1st preseason game .. 


Got an email saying you could print them online now and that they'll be mailed out the end of the month. Still seems to be cutting it close though.

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yea that sucks I'm going on vacation Friday for 2 weeks and promised my brother my Pats tickets and don't know if they will be here before I leave. I can print out the tickets but not sure about parking. Don't know why the Redskins are sending out tickets so late. I have friends that have season tickets with Baltimore & NY  and they already received their tickets. Whats up with that?

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Glad the parking map recommends later arriving patrons should avoid Landover Rd. It says to use Arena Dr. or Central Ave. if you plan to arrive within one hour of kickoff. 


And how many years have we been suggesting that here on ES?  :P

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