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2011 ES GM ACTUAL Draft Thread/ Picks only no conversation

Dukes and Skins

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Okay guys here's the actual draft thread thought I'd post the 1st round draft order and after the 1st round I'll continue to add on the rounds

1.Carolina (2-14) Hersh- NICK FAIRLEY AUBURN DT

2.Denver (4-12) [[ghost]] 12 PM 3/3 AJ Green WR

3.Buffalo (4-12) SkinsKin26 2 PM 3/3 Marcell Dareus DT

4.Cincinnati (4-12) Gallen 4 PM 3/3 Da'Quan Bowers DE

5.Arizona (5-11) Styx 6 PM 3/3 Von Miller OLB

6.Cleveland (5-11) Reic 8 PM 3/3 Robert Quinn DE/OLB

7.San Francisco (6-10) Terrifnick21 10 PM 3/3 Patrick Peterson CB

8.Tennessee (6-10) Hitman Cam Newton QB

9.Dallas (6-10) GibbsFactor Prince Amukamara CB

10.Washington (6-10) Daveakl Cameron Jordan DE

11.Houston (6-10) The X-Factor

12.Minnesota (6-10) chaught76 Blaine Gabbert QB

13.Detroit (6-10) Connskins26 Tyron Smith

14.St. Louis (7-9) Slacky Julio Jones

15.Miami (7-9) TML

16.Jacksonville (8-8) mcterry7

17.New England - from Oakland (8-8) jsharrin55

18.San Diego (9-7) MisterPinstripe

19.New York Giants (10-6) Skinsfan834

20.Tampa Bay (10-6) Floodzone004

21.Kansas City* (10-6) Forehead

22.Indianapolis* (10-6) Reaper21

23.Philadelphia* (10-6) f_trizzy

24.New Orleans* (11-5) Champskins

25.Seattle* (7-9) The Tris

26.Baltimore* (12-4) Dro89

27.Atlanta* (13-3) Stevemcqueen1

28. New England* (14-2) jsharrin55

29.Chicago* (11-5) Gorebd82

30.New York Jets* (11-5) Mr.Dictionary

31.Pittsburgh* (12-4) skinfan2k

32.Green Bay* (10-6) PokerPacker

Rules: You will have 2 hours to make your pick starting on Thursday at 10AM Hersh will make the first pick and at 12 Ghost then is able to make his pick, if Hersh hasn't finished already. Once you make your pick PM the guy after you so they know its their turn to go.

Thank you everyone for doing this and enjoy


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Nick Fairley, Auburn


While we work out our QB situation we are going to be a ball control offense and short term we probably don't have the ability to come back from big deficits. We gave up 124 yards on the ground last year and 25 points a game last year. Our philosophy is to build strong a O-line and D-line. Fairley is a game changing player that will command double teams. He can collapse the pocket against the pass and help shut down the run. He makes everyone around him better.

I PM'ed Ghost

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The Cincinnati Bengals with the 4th overall pick select *DaQuan Bowers 6-3, 280 4.75 Clemson (X)


Scouting Report

The decision by Stanford QB Andrew Luck to stay in school another year rather than enter the 2011 NFL Draft definitely threw a monkey-wrench in the Panthers plans, as he would have undoubtedly been the top pick. Now Carolina must go back to the drawing board. There will be a handful of prospects in contention for the honor of going #1 but the new head coach Ron Rivera is a defensive-minded guy and he will most likely want to use this choice to land an impact presence on that side of the ball. Clemson’s Da’Quan Bowers was the #1 recruit in the entire country coming out of high school and finally turned that talent and potential into production as a junior, leading the nation in sacks. Bowers, who is a better pro prospect coming out of college than Gaines Adams was, will face inevitable comparisons to Julius Peppers if he is indeed the Panthers choice. That might be a bit optimistic but Bowers certainly has the talent to be a double-digit sack artist at the next level. Even though defensive tackle is arguably a more pressing need, Bowers gets the slight edge over Auburn’s Nick Fairley because he plays a premium position and has fewer questions marks off the field. Georgia WR A.J. Green could garner consideration as well but after adding Brandon LaFell, Armanti Edwards and David Gettis last year to go along with vet Steve Smith the Panthers might not consider wideout to be a particularly pressing need.


5. Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson

Finally began to fulfill immense potential and led country in sacks


The Bengals would love it if Antwan Odom could successfully make it back from his latest injury, but that's not a realistic scenario. Odom has missed 22 games in the past two seasons, and wasn't even effective when he was in the lineup this past year. Odom has a $4.5 million salary in 2011, and there has been some speculation that he could be released.

If Cincinnati gives up on Odom, Da'Quan Bowers will make a ton of sense here. He would project as a great complement to Carlos Dunlap, who had an outstanding rookie year. Plus, if there's one team that'll look past Bowers' inconsistencies and poor tape, it's the Bengals.

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With the 5th overall pick in the draft, the Arizona Cardinals select (future Defensive Rookie of the Year) Von Miller, 6-2/240, OLB, Texas A&M


Look at those mother ****ing guns.

After much deliberation, Von Miller became a clear choice as the future playmaker of the Cardinals 3-4 defense, which adds a legitimate linebacker who knows how to rush the passer off the edge and can provide excellent support in the running game. He is faster than he seems, with great on field speed and a "freakish" athletic attitude (he runs a 4.46 40 yard dash, faster than your slow ass running backs). He is the future of the Arizona Cardinals defense, and will be the best defensive player to come out of this draft. He will have more interceptions than people will expect, a LOT more. Welcome to Arizona, Von!

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With the 6th overall pick, the Cleveland Browns select: Robert Quinn


With the Browns switching to a 3-4 defense, Quinn will fill a huge hole on the defensive line. Kid has a crazy motor and will be a playmaker.

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With the 7th pick in the NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select, Patrick Peterson, Cornerback, LSU.


The 49ers secondary lacks a significant playmaker, and with Peterson, they fill a huge void in the back 7 and also in the return game. Peterson might be the most athletic and safest player in this draft. Getting him 7th overall is a bargain.

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With the 8th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select Cam Newton, Quarterback, Auburn University


After releasing Vince Young, and only really having Kerry Collins as a viable option at Quarterback, the Titans have a big hole on offense. Cam comes in off of a Heisman National Championship season, and provides the Titans with youth and massive amounts of talent at the Quarterback position. Cam fills the hole nicely, can make all the throws necessary for the Titans receivers.

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With the 12th overall selection, the Minnesota Vikings select:

QB - Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)


REASON: Minnesota has no starting QB on their roster and new regime in place that will want their guy. Gabbert is deceivingly athletic and will finally offer Minnesota a chance at developing its franchise QB.

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