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FNN - NFL Teams Reluctant to Part With First-Round Pick for Kolb


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The “general feeling” at the NFL Combine is that the team’s near the top of the draft–consequently the team’s most in need of a quarterback–won’t be willing to part with their first round-pick for Philadelphia Eagles backup Kevin Kolb.

“I’m sure if you asked the Eagles I’m sure (Kolb’s value) is really high,” NFL Network analyst and former NFL GM Michael Lombardi said. “I think there’s so many teams devoid of quarterbacks it creates the market. It only takes two teams and then all of a sudden the player’s value isn’t the same.”

“Donovan McNabb goes for a second(-round pick) and a fifth. Is Kevin Kolb worth more than that? That would be hard for me to think that based on his tape last year.”

Eagles GM Howie Roseman insists that the team is still pursuing a trade for Kolb.

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The hype on Kolb is hilarious. They'll try the same thing with that Northwestern QB Kafka in two years. Show just a little bit of him, talk him up to the press that he's the next big thing, just that he's waiting in the wings. Try to generate interest and demand an unreasonable return.

I don't know why anyone (including us) would ever trade with Philly. Have they ever been on the wrong side of a deal? They are so incredibly frugal.

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I'm not saying Kolb is going to be even a good starting QB, but given the quality of QBs in the draft, I would not be surprised to see a team give up a first.
You wouldn't? A rookie cap is probably going to be installed this offseason. And Kolb's contract ends after 2011. Why would any team pass on a rookie QB for the right to pay Kolb a boatload of money one year from now? Even if all the QB's this year suck, it makes far more sense to use the draft pick on another position than to throw it away on an unproven and likely soon-to-be very expensive Kevin Kolb.
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