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JMRA: Eagles’ Joe Banner: Steelers Aren’t More Successful Than Eagles

Big Blue Joe

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Eagles President Joe Banner recently held court on Philadelphia’s sports talk radio station, 610-WIP, to discuss all things Birds including the state of Andy Reid’s future.

The interview also featured Banner’s thoughts on the AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Banner asserted that the Steelers were no more successful than his Eagles over the last decade, despite Pittsburgh’s two Super Bowl wins since 2005.

His belief was based upon Pittsburgh not reaching the postseason in nine of the last 11 seasons like the Eagles. Also, Philly advanced to a conference championship game on five occasions.

Conversely, the Steelers played in five championship games since 2001, appeared in three Super Bowls (winning two), and own 12 playoff wins to Philly’s 10.

Meanwhile, the Eagles have not won an NFL championship since 1960.

Yep, I don’t get it either.



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“We’ve been to five championship games in the last 11 years,” said Banner. “They haven’t. We’ve been in the playoffs the last three years. They haven’t. At the same time, the ultimate goal is winning the Super Bowl and they've been more successful at that particular part than us, so I don’t look at them and say they’re really smart and they’re really good, and we’re not.”

Banner’s comparison to the Steelers came in the middle of a week in which he openly mocked the work of two-time championship coach Mike Shanahan, dismissed criticism of the hiring of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo as “predictable,” and seemed for the first time to connect a championship to Andy Reid’s job security, before claiming the next day that he was misrepresented.

Every time he opens his mouth and talks about football he makes an idiot of himself. The best part is that his underling Howie Roseman is just as clueless.

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Let's see the ultimate goal of an NFL team is to win the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh (in this decade) has done it twice & The Eagles are 0-1, and have had 5 chances to get there!

What Tequila induced hallucination was Banner having when he began believing this crap!?!?

Even Charlie Sheen would say that this moron is a babbling idiot!

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As much as we like to laugh about this idiot they've still finished better than us in 9 of the last 11seasons.

We are the off season champs every year and they are the regular season champs. Neither has won anything but still, I'd rather go 12-4 or 11-5 most of the time than 8-8 or 6-10.

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