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FNN - “Breakthrough” At Fifth Day of NFL Labor Negotiations


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The NFL and NFLPA could be moving closer to reaching a new collective bargaining agreement that could prevent the long anticipated lockout.

The two sides reportedly had a “big day” of progress with negotiations on Tuesday according to PFT’s Mike Florio.

While details of the exact nature of the progress are sketchy, it is believed there was a breakthrough of sorts. Both the league and the union agreed to a media blackout during the seven-day negotiating session, which enters its sixth day on Wednesday.

Because of the breakthrough, the NFLPA canceled a scheduled Thursday meeting with a select group of agents in Indianapolis according to multiple reports.

This could be a sign there is hope yet.

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NFL owners to mediator "We want the players to play 18 games, and we want more money. Just cause. We're already billionares, but why not make more money?"

Mediator "......that's....not gonna work."

I was going to bet it was more of.. Mediator to players "....you want more millions to play a game, you need to play more games..."

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Im probably just a dim Englishman. I dont see what the owners have to gain with a lockout.

surely the best way forward is to put a reasonable offer on the table and impose it, force the players to strike.

If you pitch it right they won't strike is will not be worthwhile.

It will need to be a poor offer to cause a strike. Many players are on good contracts, they can afford to strike but its pointless.

The players who are much less well paid make up the majority of the players in the league are unlikely to want to strike unless some ridiculous offer comes in.

I think the league will push for a 2 game pre season, a 17 game regular season with 8 home, 8 away games and an an the road fixture to new markets. London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tripoli etc. The schedule can be over 18 weeks and that would mean the pre season and regular season would take the exact same amount of time. The bye week would come after the on the road game.

Come on lets get this done and have the Redskins playing at old Trafford or Anfield.

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