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leron mcclain. he's like a player and stuff. I need to read the rules and stuff.

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mcclain moving on?

Baltimore Ravens running back Le'Ron McClain is designated as a fullback but has shown capabilities as a bruising tailback as well, specifically during the 2008 season, when he racked up 902 yards and 10 touchdowns. Though McClain seems ridiculously happy in his profile picture in the ESPN.com database, he's a little disappointed with his carries -- or lack thereof -- during the 2010 campaign.

"It's a great fit blocking in this offense, if that's all you want to do every week," McClain said, via Aaron Wilson of National Football Post. "When you feel like you can give a lot more and have proven you can do a lot more and all you're doing is blocking, it's a little frustrating at times. ... I gave it my all. With all my heart and might and will, I blocked for Ray Rice. My frustration comes from wanting to do more. When we lost that game against Pittsburgh in the playoffs to not even get one attempt, it was pretty frustrating."

Though McClain indicates that he'd like to return to the Ravens, he does admit that "I've got to look out for what's best for Le'Ron McClain." McClain may be able to handle the ball a bit more in another situation, possibly for a team looking for a complementary back to an incumbent speedster.

Should McClain hit the bricks this offseason, the Ravens have some replacement options available to them.

bring this dude. i have a man crush on him.

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