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yahoo: "Ranking the NFL's Best Stadiums"


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19. FedEx Field (Washington Redskins)

Seating Capacity: 91,704

Playing Surface: Grass

Opened: 1997

Located in the heart of the NFC East, FedEx Field boasts a top-notch fan base and the gritty, northeast weather in which football was meant to be played. A seating capacity of just over 91,000 is a big plus, as FedEx can get extremely loud when the ‘Skins are playing well.

Outside of that, there are a lot of problems with this place. For one, the traffic getting in and getting out is awful. In addition, it’s possible that FedEx is located in the worst neighborhood of any NFL city.

I’m not sure about you, but in my opinion, going to a football game shouldn’t include the risk of getting gunned down after watching your team get beat.

true enough about parking, but i've been to plenty of games at fed ex. cant say i was ever in fear for my life. probably cuz its not even in a residential area.


edit- just saw this at the bottom of the article- probably explains why he wrote that. i think he has fed ex confused with RFK.

hes never even been there......

Fortenbaugh’s Stadium Resume

1. Cowboys Stadium (Cowboys)

2. Heinz Field (Steelers)

3. Gillette Stadium (Patriots)

4. Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles)

5. Raymond James Stadium (Buccaneers)

6. Soldier Field (Bears)

7. New Meadowlands Stadium (Giants, Jets)

8. Sun Life Stadium (Dolphins)

9. The Oakland Coliseum (Raiders)

10. Qualcomm Stadium (Chargers)

Been to the following, but not for games: M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens), Superdome (Saints), Lucas Oil Stadium (Colts)

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if you read the comments on the yahoo page, other people are saying the same thing. this goofball is just throwing crap against a wall. kind of like the yahoo article a couple of weeks ago about 'greatest super bowl QB performances'.

i honestly believe that they write these articles to piss people off. get them noticed, gets them famous. for a few minutes at least.

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From the article at: http://www.thesportsroadtrip.com/nflfavorites.html

Reference ranking NFL stadiums




Whether it's tailgating or the game experience, the whole package here is way too corporate, as

if they forgot what an actual football game should be like. Tickets, parking, concessions,

souvenirs very expensive.

Arc- 4.5, Food-3, Scbd-5, Ush-3, Fans-8, Loc-4, Bann-8, Ent-7.5, Conc-5.5, Bonus-5 Total 53.5

Edit or excerpts from the article

With no neighborhood ambience and massive surface lots, FedEx Field is perfectly suited

for tailgating, and as we approached the stadium grounds, lots of tailgating is what we saw.

But something was amiss.... where were the plumes of smoke and the smell of charcoal?

The footballs being tossed around? Guys in sweats and old clothes playing pickup games?

The tailgate scene here smacked of something surrealistic... choice of Merlot or fine

Chardonnays ... pate and quiche on the menu...Well coiffed gentlemen in pressed, pleated

slacks, chatting on their cell phones or tapping on their palm pilots. OK... maybe we are

exaggerating a bit here for emphasis, but trust us when we tell you that we would have to

look long and hard to find a good old fashioned bratwurst and an Old Milwaukee here. Here

at FedEx Field... NFL football has gone corporate, and the pregame experience was our

first taste of what we were to find once inside.

The main merchandise store is called the "Redskins Hall of Fame" store and is on the main level - lots of cool stuff

but really pricey, even by major league standards. There is but one escalator tower to take you to the upper deck, and that is on the southwest side of the stadium. There are two sets of escalators inside the concourse for club/suite ticket holders.

This is one BIG stadium -- well over 80,000 seats broken into three levels. The lower and upper level seats are colored wine red, and the center club level seats are done in yellow... Redskins colors. Terrific, right? BUT! Then add the orange/purple/green Fedex colors, ringing the top of the seating bowl, and you have a hideous mess of mismatched design.

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Gunned down? I am just going to say it, that man has never been to the stadium.

Totally agree with you...its a friggin business district for cripes sake. You want to talk about ghetto...how about where the Stink is? or for that matter M & T for Ravens is dumped right into the city, with no parking that I could find, was pretty terrified there...but never in all my years of going to Fed Ex Field...

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