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What is your realistic 2011 expectations for the Redskins?


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Well, we assume that by September the upcoming lockout will be over so that no regular season games are missed but who knows. Even with the a late date for a new CBA, I'd expect at least a couple of weeks or free agency and a couple of weeks of camp.

IF they are games missed, I hope the owners develop alternate schedules to use and also schedule all division games for the second half of the season. You don't want to miss those.

Just what are your realistic expectations for 2011 for the Redskins?

My Expectations

My expectations depend on one thing and one thing only; who is our starting QB?

If we have a experienced veteran QB then maybe we improve to .500 or a game above .500 and maybe be in the hunt for the 6th wild card. I don't expect much beyond that. I figure we will draft some players to fill holes and sign some free agents whenever that starts but we won't be able to fill all our holes this year.

If we draft a rookie a QB, I expect him to start from day one and take his lumps. The Skins could probably finish with a worse record than 2010's 6-10; while a rookie QB takes his lumps. If we draft a rookie QB, you start him day one. The only way he will become a good player is by taking his lumps.

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I think we'll probably have a losing record for another 2 years or so.

I think we'll re-sign Moss, grab another WR or two in FA, and possibly and interior lineman. I think we'll draft defense with our first two picks this year, go into next year with McNabb as the starter again. We may improve by a game or two if we're lucky. Our defense should show significant improvement assuming we draft two front seven guys since those positions are so deep in this draft. We'll go into the offseason next year and do what it takes to move up and draft Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley assuming they show improvement or at least the same rate of success. Then in 2012, one of them will probably start for us and we'll have to endure their rookie season. But by 2013 things should be looking up. We'll be young and strong on defense, we'll have our franchise QB of the future and we can start filling the remaining holes via draft and free agency.

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I expect not all, but some of the holes we have right now filled with players we can grow with and build upon, reasonably young players that actually fit our new offensive and defensive schemes. I expect a regime defining offseason, one that Shanahan / Allen put their stamp on and expect to roll with for the next 3-4 years.

A big, young, talented, team-building, FA class brought in this year.

Consisting of at least:

(1 - 2) starters on the O-line

(1) starter at our skill positions on offense

(1 - 2) starters in the front 7 of our D

(1) starter in our defensive backfield

Followed by a solid foundation building draft:

A star anchor of our future on either offense or defense selected at #10 overall, or trading back with our first to pick up an addition potential starter.

A solid starter and first year contributor with our second.

(1 - 2) depth / rotational players found later in the draft

I expect our defense to improve greatly from last place to somewhere more middle of the pack, especially our run defense and overall production out of our defensive line.

I expect our offense to improve with pass blocking, establishing more of a pocket for whoever we have behind center. I won't blame them entirely for sack totals or lack of offensive production when it is not their fault but I want to see a visibly improved O-line with different younger names at C and RG.

I expect an additional "Brandon Banks" like talent on offense, what I mean by that is explosive play making ability. I don't care if it's Julio Jones at WR or Sidney Rice, if it's Ryan Williams at RB or Ronnie Brown, I don't care if it's some late round draft pick I've never heard of, but someone new we can trust on offense to make plays.

Overall I expect improvement, flashes of greatness, to see young players dripping with potential, that's what I expect to see out of the 2011 Washington Redskins. I don't expect us to suddenly become dominant overnight, but I do expect to be able to see where this team is headed, what young talent will become household names of the future, to see a core "TEAM" emerge while playing in its first real year together. Is that too much to ask for?

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Realistically I expect us to pick up right from where we left off and maybe be 7-9 or 8-8 depending on <fill in the blank>. The fans discontent towards Snyder will grow and the Front Office will sell majority of tickes to Corporations, Government, and Military to keep a nice attendance record.

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Its too early but a good draft to shore up the defense and hopefully ignore the need at QB (Quinn, Watt, or Miller at 10 please)and some young free agents to fill some holes. (Kalil, Cromartie). Stay with McNabb or Grossman and hope for 4 wins or fewer so we get a shot at Luck. Then we will have a team in 2012 that can start to truly look legit.

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Hoping to see a lot of new talent brought in with the potential FAs and some successful drafting (if the CBA deal gets worked out). Think we'll be slightly better overall, but the record might be more improved thanks to the schedule. Getting the NFC West and other teams like CAR, BUF, MIA outside our division should help bring up the win total.

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More of the same. I expect 5-8 wins.

My only hope is that it is accompanied by a REAL youth movement, like what we saw at the end of last season. 6-10 with another old and average team will just be depressing. 6-10 with a young team showing some promise would be something to get excited about.

Please...please do this thing the right way Redskins...I'm begging you...

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I love the thread, but just too premature. Do they draft OL or get a couple of stud OL through FA? Do they waste a draft pick ruining another promising QB or do they decide McNabb is the one they want to ruin? Does Mr. Snyder stay true to his word and let Shanny run the team or does he crawfish and decide he should be the de facto GM? Does Haynesworth actually play a down again or does he spend a year or two in the DC pokey for yet another sexual assault?

Hard to make a prediction. Too many variables. Call back around May.

It's like a never-ending soap opera. Only it's the Redskins.

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I believe Shannalllen have a plan and this CBA stuff is key.


Come in during the uncapped year and clean up the cap. Establish that a new boss is in town, no matter the cost (See Haynesworth/McNabb). Use the uncapped year to implement new offensive and defensive systems. Acquire veteran QB via trade or FA. Evaluate existing talent under contract for scheme fit. Use cheap FAs to fill holes left by shedded contracts.


Veteran QB acquired cost too much, unable to execute scheme.


Implement offensive and defensive schemes

Display complete authority

Not allow a player to dictate scheme design

Acquire competent veteran backup

Evaluate existing talent for scheme fit

Discover talent buried on roster

Able to shed negative talent and acquire positive talent via free agency

Reduce cap figure significantly, putting team in favorable shape to acquire positive talent


With this year being uncertain, plan A and B are designed to follow suit with the timing of the CBA agreement

I'd assume those plans hinge on the timing of Free Agency.

If the CBA isn't signed until September, will there be time to hold free agency or will all expiring contracts extend a year? How will that work?

If the CBA is done before the draft, you can shape your board more clearly due to holes being filled by Free Agency. If it's after the draft, your free agency follows your draft success.

The question then becomes who is fielded for the 2011 season. And none of us have any idea who, at least, 11 starting positions will be.

I can guarantee you that none of us have realistic expectations for this season right now. If the CBA isn't done during the summer, we'll probably be fielding a very similar team as last year plus a few draft picks.

I think the smart move is to try to trade picks for 2012 picks. You'll get the best value come 2013 when we'll be expected to show the greatest promise by then anyways. Imagine free agents picked up this year or next sprinkled in with 3 first rounders, 2 second and third rounders. Youth, veteran leaders, all talented. Of course, we have to find a quarterback. Good thing there's two next year that beat any this year.

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Develop our system specific youth on offense/defense through giving them extended playing time:

defense:Riley, Henson, Rob Jackson, Chris Wilson, Barnes, Moore which should hopefully include: RDE, NT

offense: QB, Trent Williams, Lichtensteiger, Cook/Capers?, Torrain/Keiland Williams/James Davis, Armstrong, Kelly, Austin, Banks,

Develop and improvement of our young special team players Gano/Banks.

Improve our schemes on offense and defense.

Begin the grooming and team building process around our QB of the future.

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Draft cameron jordan at ten.... Draft areceiver.... Draft that qb from iowa... I think.... Make a move for a corner.... Asomuaugh or cromartie.... Keep rogers and rocky... Let grossman start go 10 and 6 lose in the divisional round of playoffs.... MAKE big moves in the offseason to trade up and draft luck in 2012... Then 2013 super bowl champions

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