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Common Sense Budget Advice for the GOP... All the Deficit Commission Recommendations!


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Yet another thread on the 2011 budget. But here's my advice to the GOP. Why don't they simply pass a budget in a House incorporating all of the President's Fiscal Commission recommendations? You want to talk about "under pressure"... imagine the Democrats in the Senate and Obama being forced to repudiate the recommendations of Obama's fiscal commission... *awkward*

I'm fully aware they won't do this because they want to de-fund Obama care (which CBO scoring would add to the budget). But defund Obamacare in a separate bill (or maybe they already did it?).

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Why would Team Elephant do something as stupid as that? I do not see them giving Obama and Team Jackass cover for such an irresponsible bill.

Well they wouldn't, because the budget/deficit is simply a convenient bludgeon against their rivals in the current political climate, and not something they actually have convictions about.

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I think ~ page 14 has a brief overview of their goals.

$4T in "savings" by 2020; it looks like the deficit isn't zero'd until 2035 maybe. Its always hard to tell but I think people concerned about the deficit are more concerned with its growth and the out of control nature.

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Obama made his own mess with that deficit commission. First, he chose two of the most radically conservative, pro-finance, anti-labor individuals to chair the commission, Alan "Social Security is for low people" Simpson, and one of Clinton's most banker-friendly Treasury officials, Erskine Bowles. Geez, I wonder what they would cut?

Then of course he didn't act on what different members were proposing to do after there wasn't sufficient consensus within the commission (I believe they needed a super-majority to make anything stick, correct me if I'm wrong) to make their recommendations binding.

While it's great they propose some defense cuts and propose some tax increases..the idea of cutting social security benefits or raising the retirement age, while not suggesting containing health care costs or taxing financial speculation, leads to a very poor set of recommendations.

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Been looking through it, and it looks like some serious proposals, there. Including a lot of things that aren't exactly Democrat-friendly. (Like tort reform, lowering top income tax rates. Abolish the AMT. Capping tax revenues (as a percentage of GDP).)

I wouldn't mind a push to implement it. (At least, I've read like 1/3 of it, and there's things that I think will be tough, but tough and fair.)


Thought: Obama just won a victory, when he proposed de-funding a Pentagon spending program, and a lot of the Tea Partiers broke ranks with their Party, to support the spending cut.

I wonder if maybe the same thing might happen, if we were to re-submit the Commission's proposals. As I recall what happened last time was, the R's unanimously opposed it, and many of the D's did, too. Maybe if he tried now, there would be some support from the R side.

Then again, that would take leadership.

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