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WP: Two Redskins Fans And Their FedExField Sign

Mark The Homer

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By Dan Steinberg



...But when they finally showed up to their first game as season-ticket holders, they realized that they were actually in the very last row of the stadium.

"Trying to recall those emotions from that day, I think we enjoyed the fact our seats were in the last row--we told ourselves the best fans sit up high," Root wrote in a recent letter he sent to Dan Snyder at Redskins Park. "We soon realized that the huge FedEx Field sign immediately behind us could be of great use to make noise while the Skins were on defense. And as the game and the later the season progressed, we banged away with all our might on the FedEx Field sign...In fact we became so well known in our section that people would turn up to us and encourage us to start banging to help get our section all fired up.

"Throughout the season we came to realize we had the best seats in all of FedEx Field. We had no one behind us, we could stand the whole game, we were in the aisle, and most importantly we had an amazing sign to bang on to make noise. We felt as dedicated as any Skins fans in the stadium."

Why did they write this letter? ...

"As diehard fans we are not asking for much in return," they wrote to Snyder. "Paraphernalia, autographs or even a seat upgrade to dream seats for one game would be the treat of a lifetime, but what is most important to us is that if possible you do not allow your staff to paint over the sign where we sit. We love our seats and the markings into our sign could not be a better example of our ever lasting dedication and devotion to our Washington Redskins."

...Then, a few days later, a letter arrived from Redskins Park. He couldn't read the signature at first.

"Dude, that's Bruce Allen!" a friend said.

"Thank you for your passionate support of the Redskins," Allen had written. "I loved your letter & could feel your energy and enthusiasm for the Burgundy & Gold. We will notify the stadium staff of your request."


"We were already pretty diehard," Root, now a medical student at Case Western, told me on Tuesday. "If we weren't lifers beforehand, we would never think to give up on them now."



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What a great thread to start the day! In spite of all the griping we hear elsewhere this is a sign of fundamental change for the better. Bruce Allen and the attitude he has been fostering, one of respect for the franchise and its fans, can offset an awful lot of the negative energy that has built up over a decade.

Great post Mark :thumbsup:

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That's really cool of Bruce.

Though I'm still not clear on why the dudes worried there would be a need to paint over the sign. I guess their banging must really chip the paint up there.

Can you imagine coming back 30 years later, having your grandkids with you who have become Skins fans themselves and have experienced SB wins in their short lifetimes...and pointing out to them where you and your (still) best friend banged the **** out of the sign to make noise in support of the team? lol :ols::D...

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thank goodness for a positive post!

Keeps all the haters away for a few hours.

Ironic what was posted right below yours lol...

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Can you imagine coming back 30 years later, having your grandkids with you who have become Skins fans themselves and have experienced SB wins in their short lifetimes

When I read about these two fans I immediately thought back to how people used to bang on the press box at the top of section 507 in RFK. Our STs were three rows from the top, so it was extra loud when you're only 10 feet from the noise. Pretty cool.

I'm glad these guys are happy w/ their nose bleed seats.

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Very cool story. I hope Allen becomes the face of this franchise for the next 25 years. Even if he isn't the main personnel guy, he needs to be the guy running the show. I just don't want him to be only tied to the Shanahan tenure here in DC.

He certainly has the people skills to do that and its great to see us having a guy who reaches out to the fanbase like he does. I have full faith in Allen and Shanahan to right this ship back into a winner

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I actually sat in the very last row in the upper 400s when we played the giants a couple of years back. Its was the game we wore the Lombardi Yellow Throw Backs.

The 3rd and goal / 4th and goal down at the end of the game with Betts in at running back, the place was going nuts. Everyone in my row was banging on the sign, or rather, the steel fence behind them. Man I though that fence was going to break and people would start falling out the back of the stadium.

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Bruce Allen has done a bunch of things like this. Some make the press others don't. He really is working his ass off to try and change the image of this train wreck. And I will admit they made moderate improvements to the stadium. If only our owner could sit on the sideline for a year and keep his (and his lawyers) mouth shut then we'd have a huge PR improvement.

Good for Bruce to respond.

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