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Vestibule riot men - xbox 360 nhl 11 club


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Was looking for some NHL 11 players that may want to join a club.


I am one of the GM's for Vestibule Riot Men the creator and other gm is xSaintJx87 (STJ1587 vesti username) We currently have 6 members in the club right now. We have a 7th Nice Pizza (The_Jim) but I think he alternates between clubs which is fine.

We are currently waiting on the following members to join:

Latinooooooooo (Mr.highscore)

oneleggedhkygai (PirateElephant)


Pat The Phat (Lambeau.Leap)

L0stInMySm0ke (lostkid4life88)

Our current members are:

FUBAR McDangles (tyratoku): Defense

GMen4Life51 (NYGiants5644): Left Wing & Defense

GrubbyZEUS69: Defense

Nice Pizza (The_Jim): Center

hockeybond007 (leaffan_digger): Right Wing

kiingspade (KingSpadeSrH): Left/Right Wing

xSAINTJx87 (STJ1587): Goalie

Centauris (Centauris): Left/Right Wing/Defense & Center

So let us know if you'd like to join. Also leave your gamertag, position preferred (the more positions you can play the better honestly), the times you are usually on, and if you use/have a mic. I usually make a party chat and we all talk during the game. It is more fun using the mic and not to mention easier to communicate and set up plays.

We are competitive but at the same time like to have fun. It'd be nice to get more 360 users to join and get ourselves a championship.

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