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Super Bowl XLV - Perspective


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Super Bowl XLV - Perspective

February 6, 2011

There are precious few slices of cyberspace out there today that do not contain sincere, in-depth X and O breakdowns of the who, what, how and why of what's going to happen in Super Bowl XLV.

You found one.

Let's get right to it.

Who I Want to Win

Green Bay.

Why? I like 'em better.

I like QB Aaron Rogers--the man looks like someone we all played pick-up ball with as kids, both in appearance and the semi-awkward (but damn effective) body language on the field.

I like the fact no one has the slightest idea who head coach Mike McCarthy is or where the hell he came from.

I like the traditional, almost quaint uniforms. For NFL fans of a certain age they just look right.

I even like the stupid cheesehead thing now that Brett Favre's gone. Don't ask me why they correlate. They just do...

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Totally agree about the dynasty talk. The Steelers were given the Seahawks game, and I was rooting for them too since Seattle beat us to get there. Then the very average Cardinals SHOULD have beaten them too. I feel the Steelers deserve the dynasty talk even less than the Patriots who at least beat the Rams in 01.

I really want the Packers to win but somehow unless Neil ODonnel throws away the game with 3 Ints, 2 of which no receiver was in sight, the Steelers win the SB somehow. Aaron Rodgers needs to play like he did against Seattle and Philly and the refs and Pittsburgh luck won't even matter.

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