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WP: Haynesworth charged in road incident


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Didn't see this posted...if guilty can contract be voided and prior paid bonus money returned??? :)

Haynesworth charged in road incident

Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth has been charged with simple assault for a road rage incident with another motorist on the Fairfax County Parkway in Reston, Fairfax police said.

Haynesworth, 29, has not been arrested but is planning to turn himself in next week, Officer Shelley Broderick said.

A Redskins executive said the team was unaware of the incident or the charge. "This is the first I'm hearing about this," Tony Wyllie, Redskins senior vice president, said in a phone interview with Redskins beat reporter Jason Reid. "At this time, we need to gather information."

Wyllie and team owner Daniel M. Snyder are at the Super Bowl in Dallas.

The episode occurred Wednesday morning, and involved a 38-year-old man driving a 1994 Honda Civic and another driver, allegedly Haynesworth, both driving south on the Fairfax County Parkway, Broderick said. The driver of the Civic reportedly felt that a pickup truck following behind him was tailgating, and issued a "non-verbal hand gesture" to the pickup driver, Broderick said.

About 9:16 a.m., at the intersection with New Dominion Parkway, near the entrance to Reston Hospital Center, the two vehicles came to a stoplight. Broderick said the driver of the pickup truck emerged from his vehicle, had a brief exchange of words, and then struck the Civic driver.

She declined to be more specific about the circumstances of the assault.

See rest of article here.


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Absolutely Amazing! Can we please get through one offseason with 'No Drama'? :doh:

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Thank God for this dumbass. Now we can all stop talking about Dan vs WCP. :ols:

Well yeah, thats true. However, thats only going to resurrect the other 40,000 "Fat Al Sucks vs. Al should be playing next season" threads.

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Good Lord people, this is so NOT drama. I liked the Redskins a lot better when there was no 24 hour news cycle and we knew nothing about what went on. It really was a lot more fun. Being upset about this is pretty silly. Gee...Al is a douche. There's news....

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and that had to be a pretty long red light, cause I figure from his car to the civic, he at least had to take a knee once...

lol he may not have had to take a knee, maybe just rest on the bumper of the civic....but then how would the other driver been able to drive away? surely the bumper is still at the scene of the crime.

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