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In defense of Dan Snyder....


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Let's take a minute to calm down and put things in context. Dave McKenna has posted an article outlining all the nasty things Dan Snyder has done as an owner and as a person. I'd like to start a thread where we can make a counter list of all of the good things he has done for this world. I think that's the least we can do as loyal fans of his team

It can be sort of like Thanksgiving. We can all take turns talking about what we are grateful for.

I'll start...

Dan Snyder is a great supporter of classical music, especially Wagner. He also likes dogs.

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considering you posted this in another thread: "Name one thing this owner has done that is worth defending. One. I can think of more nice things to say about Bernie Madoff."

I don't think your intent in this thread is genuine.

Plus, the better route would be to post the letter from the lawsuit detailing Snyder's grievances and address each one to see if it is legitmate or not, and to see if McKenna's claims that are being disputed alegitmate or not.

But that's already being done in other threads.

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