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What position on offense is most in need of an upgrade this offseason?


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The 2011 Redskins have plenty of holes.

But, its impossible to upgrade them all in one offseason.

If you could only upgrade 1 position on offense which would you pick ?

EDIT: Why would you choose that position and how would you attempt to upgrade the position? (2012)

EDIT: Diffent year same question (2013)

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Find a way to draft either Pouncy or Wisnieski at a reasonable spot.

No QB is going to succeed here until we have a respectable O-Line

Pouncey would be a huge mistake. He's nothing like his twin, and will be playing guard in the NFL. He's not an NFL center.

I'm all for Wisnieski, but I'd rather sign Kalil since he'll only be 26 when the season starts, and won't cost a draft pick, which can be spent for another need.

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Sign LaMarr Woodley. One Man Gang becomes depth and ST awesomeness.

Someone didn't read the title well enough, lol. just messin with you, but it's only supposed to be offense players.

To the thread: If I can only upgrade 1 position, I'm going center also and I'm going either Kalil in FA or Wisznewski in the 2nd. We have guys that could be serviceable at guard, including Licht., Montgomery, BMW, Cook. Rabach and Montgomery are the only ones for center, but it's the crux of the interior OL, our most hurting position IMO. I'd be more comfortable with a new guy there and letting Monty fight for a OG spot.

QB is a need, but I'd sooner roll with Grossman and an improved line than the same wk sauce interior OL and get a new QB killd back there, possibly screw up his development ala Ramsey.

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I was thinking about it, but

A: I didn't want mi6 coming in here posting his draft Kaepernick post

Finally a kindrid spirit! :ols:

The answer to the question IMHO is definitely QB, but it's much better answered next year. Therefore, the biggest need I feel would be to replace Rabach at center. If we were able to acquire someone like Ryan Kalil, then I think the next biggest position of need would be a semi-tie between WR and OLB. That being said, Von Miller at #10 would be awesome and FA acquisition for WR in the mold of James Jones/Jacoby Jones/VJAX would free up that WR draft slot to go towards either OL/DL.

Probably the biggest yet least talked about position of need is FS (yes I know it's not on offense, just thought I'd throw it out there for fun). I'm sorry to all the fans he has out there, but I can't stomach another year of flat-out bad coverage by Reed Doubty...as in I Doubty he can cover anybody. So if we can upgrade the center and WR through FA, then the 2nd round pick could be used to fix the whole we've had ever since #21 moved on (R.I.P. Sean).

Yes I realize I went beyond just Offense, but I covered the needs in response so I decided to add the available options after doing so.

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While I definitely agree the interior of the OL needs immediate help, I'm going to go with RB because whomever the QB might be next season they will absolutely need the help of a strong ground game. Shanahan is not IMO going to replace Rabach who i think is signed thru 2013.

DeAngelo Williams

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Offensive Coordinator. I know it's only been a season but, I think Father and Son clashed more times than not. Unless you are starting your shiny new QB picked at 10 and Daddy allows his son to take total control of the offense.. you will have 3 different offenses clashing.

I think a lot of our woes were because Kyle, Mike, and Donovan all run different offenses. Not too mention our team is, for the most part, still built for a Joe Gibbs more so than it is a Mike Shanahan. Just an opinion of course.

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Interior O'Line. I know thats actually 3 positions (LG/C/RG) but getting significantly better in that area is the biggest single step forward we can take on offense IMO.

At least one starter needs to come from that draft in that area which is probably the 2nd round pick given there is no interior O'Line player in this draft (or any?) worth a top 10 pick. I also think we need at least one other starter via free agency. I know Rabach is inadequate but I would prioritise guard over centre if I had to choose.

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I don't think there is one position we need to improve. I think there's several...

And by several, I mean all... Except tight end and left tackle (though we could even use depth there).

What are the most immediate needs?


Secondary needs?


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